How to Play Red Dog Poker

Once you join the Red Dog game, 1,000 virtual chips are credited to your balance. You should designate the size of your bet prior to starting the game. You can make a one-chip bet by clicking once on the Place Bet section. If you click this button again, the same amount will be added to your bet.

The chips with numerical values are found In the bottom right corner. When you click on one of them, you will select the value of the chip. Its cost may have four values: 1, 5, 25 or 100. You can also see the chip with the numerical value of 500, which is inactive in the demo version of the game.

The Clear button is at the bottom in the middle of the game screen, and when you click on it, you will cancel the bet that you have already made. The Deal button is found to the right of it, once you click on it, a pair of initial playing cards will be dealt. In the second round, the Deal button will be replaced with the Repeat button. Once you click on it, the bet that you placed in the latest round will be repeated and playing cards will come up on the screen.

To win in the Red Dog online poker by BetSoft, you must catch the card whose value will range between the two cards that were just dealt. For example, if 6 and 10 land on the table, then 7, 8 and 9 of any suit will be the winning ones. Or, when you have 2 and 4 on the screen, then you will earn a reward when only a 3 comes up. In the case of the cards that go in order, for example, 10, J or 4, 5, credits are returned to your account and the draw is declared. The game is very simple and quite exciting at the same time.

When the cards with the same values are dealt, you can increase your bet by 11 times. It is required that the third card would be the same as the other two cards. It means that when the dealer pulls out Q and Q, he automatically selects a third card from the deck. If it turns out to be a Queen also, the size of your bet will be multiplied by 11. If any other card comes up, all chips will be returned to your balance. With this kind of game you cannot double your bet.

You can play each game with the bet that you have initially placed or play the game with the option of doubling. This is done by using the following buttons:

  1. Stand - launches the round with your initial bet
  2. Ride - doubles your bet

Multipliers in the Red Dog Online Poker

When you open two playing cards, a figure of the red dog will be set on a certain mark on the table. This means that the game will be played with the factor, shown below this figure. In the case, when the red dog is not a digit with a multiplier, but it contains the words, this is what it stands for:

  • Even – means that the round will be played with the factor of 2
  • Tie – means a draw, and the chips will be returned to your balance

Below is the list of all the factors and ways to earn them:

  • 5: 1 – you will get this win when the required card lands with the minimum merge. For example, when cards 3 and 5 appear, the win with the multiplier of x5 will be credited if number 4 comes up. Or, if A and Q are dealt, then the bet will play with K
  • 4: 1 – the bet will be quadrupled, when the merge is two cards. For example: 8 and J. You beat the dealer once you land either 9 or 10
  • 2: 1 - the winnings will be tripled when the desired card lands at the distance of three positions
  • Paid - played in all other cases with the multiplier of x2

Additional Control Buttons

At the bottom left of the screen above the Bet section, you will find the auxiliary buttons:

  • Sound — turns the audio effects on/off
  • Help — opens an information window with the game rules

The game speed button is located at the bottom right of the screen. You can choose the following modes: slow, medium and fast. To reduce the bet by one chip, hold down the Shift button and click on the Bet Place section. If you hold Ctrl and click on the stack, you will remove the entire stack of chips.

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