21 Burn BlackJack (Betsoft)
Play Online 21 Burn Blackjack by Betsoft
21 Burn Blackjack by Betsoft

21 Burn Blackjack by Betsoft

21 Burn BlackJack is an online casino game developed and released by Betsoft you can play for free at NeonSlots. The dealer deals hands of six 52-card decks. The maximum payout is 7:1 and you can play three hands at once. The game allows you to double the bet and insure it if you think that the dealer has blackjack. Once per round, you have the right to change your second card, but you have to put an additional bet. What's more, if you are dealt two cards of the same value, you can divide them into two separate hands.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer Betsoft
Games played 442
Game Rating

How to Start Playing 21 Burn BlackJack

When you start the free version of this game by Betsoft, you need to place a bet. To do this, click the Place Bet sector on the game screen. The default value of a chip is one. With one click on Place Bet, you place one chip. Each further click will add the same amount to the bet. On the bottom right are five chips of different value: 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits. You can activate any of them except 500 (it is not active in the demo version of the game). It is used for betting when you click the sector where the stake is set. The minimum payout is 1, the maximum is 100 chips.

To cancel the bet, use the Clear button. Once bets are made, start the game using the Deal button. Initially, you and the dealer are dealt two cards. One of the dealer's cards is face up, and the second one is face down. Two of your cards appear face up. To take an additional card from the deck, click Hit. To end the round, click Stand. The Double button doubles the bet. After doubling, you automatically get another card for the specified hand and the round ends.

The game allows you to continue bet the same amount as in the previous round. To do this, click Repeat. The goal of the game is to score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. If you collect more than 21, you lose. Each card gives the following number of points:

  • From 2 to 10 — according to the face value of the card, you are given from two to ten points
  • J, Q and K — ten points each
  • A — 11 or 1 point (depending on combination)

Please note: Ace is considered as one point only if the total value of other cards is more than ten. You can take as many cards as you wish until you get a total of 21 points or more. If you collect a combination of blackjack (any Ace with 10, J, Q or K), then you automatically win. An exception is when the dealer also collects blackjack. In such a situation, it's draw.

Additional burn card

When you play each hand, the dealer places another additional card face down on the table. You may change your second card to a face-down one, but for this, you need to bet the half more of the amount from your bet (burn-bet). That is, if the bet is 100 credits, then taking such a card will cost 50 credits. This option is available until you take other cards from the deck.

To replace the card, click Burn. You can change the card in this way only once per round. Also, you can refuse this option and finish the game with the initial cards.

Thanks to this option, you have a chance to multiply the burn-bet. If you:

  • Replace your card with the Ace of spades, the bet will play with a 7:1 ratio
  • Replace your card with the Ace of hearts, clubs or diamonds, the bet will play with a 2:1 ratio

When these four cards appear, you are awarded regardless of how many points you have collected. If the face-down card turns out to be any other card, then the burn-bet is lost.


21 Burn BlackJack allows you to split your cards into two separate hands. This opportunity appears when you are dealt two cards of the same value (or when you get a burn-card identical to yours). That is, you can split cards, for example, if you have 10 and K.

To split cards, click Split. Now the system will automatically add one more card to the two split cards. Bets for each hand will be the same: when the hand is split, the same number of credits is automatically placed on the other hand. Then both hands are played one after another.

Soft 17

Soft 17 — an additional option of 21 Burn BlackJack that makes the dealer stop each time and take cards if he collects 17 points or more. In any case, if the dealer has 16 points or less, he must take as many cards as he needs for the required number of points.


Insurance allows you to protect your bankroll from losing when the dealer has blackjack. This option is only available if the face-up card of the dealer is an Ace. In this situation, an information table with the word "Buy Insurance for Hand 2" appears on the screen. Here, you can choose between two options:

  • Yes — to save your bet if you think that the dealer has blackjack
  • No — refuse Insurance

By clicking the Yes button, you deposit half of your bet on the table. If the dealer has blackjack, this additional bet Insurance will play with a multiplier of 2:1. In any other situation, Insurance burns.

Payouts in 21 Burn BlackJack

As already mentioned above, you receive a reward if you collect more points than the dealer. Each win is paid with a 1:1 ratio (including blackjack). If you collect as many points as the dealer, it's a draw and the bet is returned to your balance.

Additional game control buttons

On the bottom left are two auxiliary buttons. Here is their list:

  1. Sound off/on — the audio is turned on/off
  2. Help — opens an information window with detailed rules of the game

Below these buttons are two sections with the following game data:

  • Bet — displays the current bet
  • Bal — shows the number of remaining credits on your balance

On the right above the chips are the ">" ">>" and ">>>" buttons that control the speed of the game.

Hot keys

21 Burn BlackJack comes with two combinations of hot keys:

  • Shift + click — when you click Place Bet, the bet is reduced by one chip
  • Ctrl + click — when you click Place Bet, the bet drops to zero


21 Burn BlackJack is a blackjack with a special Burn feature that allows you to replace your second card. You can play this game with three separate hands at the same time. There is a chance to secure your bet in case the dealer has the blackjack combination. The minimum bet for the game is 1, the maximum bet is 100 credits. 21 Burn Blackjack will suit both beginners and professionals. There is an additional Soft 17 feature. It allows you to calculate how many points are in dealer's hand more accurately. Discover how to play blackjack and other casino games for real money at online casinos on the NeonSlots real money webpage.