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Pontoon Online Game by Betsoft Review

The Pontoon slot was created by Betsoft. Here you play a variation of the Blackjack game with standard rules. The slot lets you play from one to three hands during the round. The maximum multiplier is 2:1. Besides the usual bet and payout, the slot features a special win. You can get if you place chips in a special window and form one of the particular combinations.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer Betsoft
Games played 115
Game Rating

Your actions before the deal

As the demo version of the Pontoon slot game loads you get 1,000 credits. You can see their number during the gameplay in the Bal section. You can find the amount of the bet per spin in the Bet window. It includes all bets that are in the game window.

There are 6 betting areas — two for each hand. One of the areas is a mandatory Place Bet. The other area is the Sweet 16 Side Bet. There you place bets at your will.

A table with several chips is in the bottom right corner. Each of them has its own value — 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500 credits. The last chip is dimmed in the demo version — so, you cannot choose it. This is due to the fact that you can bet a maximum of 100 credits one betting area.

Click one of the chips to activate it. After that, click the betting areas, each click adds one chip. When you choose the bet, there are two scenarios:

  • Click the Deal button and start the game
  • Clear the betting area using the Clear button and place new chips

After every game, you can start dealing with the same bet. To do this, use the Repeat button.

Your actions during the game

As the game starts you get three cards in each hand where chips were placed. Depending on the combination that you receive, you must perform one of several actions.

First, you can double the bet. To do this, use the Double button. This option is available once for each hand during each deal. What's more, after you take five cards, the double bet feature is off.

If the first two cards have the same values, you can split them into two hands. To do this, use the Split button. In this case, cards are split and one card is added to each of them. In addition, you make an additional bet which is equal to the initial one.

You need to know the card values to understand when you can split them:

  • Kings, Queens and Jacks are valued at 10 points each
  • Cards with numbers are estimated by their values
  • Aces produce either 1 or 11 points depending on the total score of a hand

The second value of Aces is applied if other cards have 10 or fewer points. In all other cases, Aces score one point

If you get two identical cards in your hand as the result of the split, you cannot split them again.

You can take cards using the Hit button. It is always active, but if the hand value is too big, the warning message appears. Check in the Don't show again? dialogue box to block this window.

If you have 15 or more points in your hand, you can stop taking the cards. To do this, hit the Stand button. If you have taken five cards, card drawing stops automatically.

You take cards until the score exceeds 17 or until you take five cards.

Possible combinations and results of the deal

The winner is determined depending on yours and the dealer's ultimate combinations. If one of the opponents has 21 points with their first two cards, they wins the game.

When you and the dealer have the same score, the dealer wins the game and you lose your bet. If you both have less than 21 points, the one who has the closest number of points wins.

A combination of five cards, which has less than 21 points, beats any other combination, except the pontoon (blackjack). If two combinations of five cards have the same value, then it's a draw regardless of the score.

A combination of more than two cards, which in total gives 21 points, is also rated above other combinations. Besides, the blackjack counts even in the hands that were formed after split.

Multipliers of payouts

The prize with the usual bet depends on a winning combination with which you won. They include:

  • Blackjack
  • A combination of five cards
  • Any other combination

In the first two cases, payouts are 2:1. It means that you get your bet back plus two times your bet. In the third case, you get two times your initial bet in total. In other words, the payout factor is 1:1.

If you place chips in the Sweet 16 Side Bet area, you have a chance to get a prize for particular combinations of the first two cards only. This prize is calculated separately from the main prize and you get it regardless of the result of the game.

If first two cards produce a combination of 16 to 21 points, the special bet pays 1:1. If one of first two cards is Ace, the payout is calculated with the same factor. If you get two Aces, the bet on the Sweet 16 Side Bet area pays 2:1.

When the first two cards are from Two to Seven, you get back your bet on the Sweet 16 Side Bet area.

Settings and options

The Pontoon slot allows you to choose the dealing speed. There are three dealing speeds. Use the buttons with arrows in the bottom right corner to choose one of the speeds.

The Help button opens the rules of the slot. This section has three windows:

  • Game Rules — the basic rules of the game and for winning prizes
  • Payouts — multipliers of all combinations
  • Tips and Controls — description of the buttons to control the slot

The Sound Off button turns off the sound in the slot, and Sound On turns it on.