Bonus Deuces (Betsoft)
Online Video Poker Bonus Deuces
Bonus Deuces Video Póquer Online by Betsoft

Bonus Deuces Video Poker Online for Free by Betsoft

Bonus Deuces is a classic video poker by Betsoft that you can play online for free. It combines the characteristics of online slots with poker combos. There are 5 betting levels, a Wild card and a gambling round where you can double your win.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Features Gamble Round
Developer Betsoft
Games played 114
Game Rating
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How to Play Online Video Poker Bonus Deuces

The gameplay of Betsoft video poker Bonus Deuces is about:

  • Setting the bet
  • Revealing five cards. If these cards form any winning poker hand, you get paid
  • Then you play your hand one more time You can hold one or more cards to increase your chances to win an additional prize. You don't need to pay the bet again when you play a hand the second time

Control Panel

The payout table is in the top of the screen, where you can check out winning hands and what they pay. Five face-down cards are right underneath. The bottom of the screen features controls. Let's take a look at the controls starting from the left:

  • Hold holds the chosen cards
  • Bet One changes the betting level
  • Deal reveals the cards
  • Max Bet set the maximum bet and reveals the cards

You will see some info windows under the cards:

  • Credits - your balance
  • Bet - the size of the bet
  • Win - your win for the current round
  • Choose Coin - the coin value (denomination)

Choosing the bet

You have only two buttons active when the game starts - Bet One and Max bet. Choose a bet from 1 to 5 coins. While you're clicking, the payout table highlights the corresponding column with prizes. The bigger your bet, the more you get for winning combinations. You can also set the coin value. Click the Choose Coin window to set from 0.02 to 5 game units in one coin. Remember that changing the denomination changes the number of coins you have in your account. Click the Deal button then to play your hand.

Bonus Deuces Cards and Rewards

The Bonus Deuces video poker online comes with 13 card combinations in total which pay rewards. The special feature of this game is the high-paying Deuces combinations thanks to which the game has got its name.

Considering the 1-coin bet, the winning hands pay:

  • Natural Royal Flush - Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit - 1,000
  • Four Deuces + Ace - 400
  • Four Deuces - 200
  • Five Aces - 80
  • Five 3´s, 4´s or 5´s - 40
  • Wild Royal Flush - a Royal Flush with a Wild Deuce - 25
  • Five 6´s, 7´s, 8´s, 9´s, 10´s, J´s, Q´s or K´s - 18
  • Straight Flush - any five cards of one suit - 8
  • Four of a Kind - 4
  • Full House - three cards of the same value and two of another - 4
  • Flush - five cards of one suit - 3
  • Straight - a card combo of any suit (e.g. from 5 to 9) - 1
  • Three of a Kind - 1

Special card

The Bonus Deuces video poker free online game comes with a special Wild card which substitutes for other cards in winning hands. But it's not a traditional Joker. The four deuces act as Wild cards in this game. They increase your chances to win.

Gambling Round

Whenever you win, you will be invited to double up your reward in a window at the top of the game screen. Click Double to gamble or Cancel to collect your win. Cards in the bottom turn face down if you choose to gamble. The first card to be revealed is the dealer's one. You need to pick one of the four cards left. If it has a higher value than the dealer's card, you win.

You will see the size of your win in a window above. You can click Double to play again. Or click Collect to take your win and leave the gambling round. You will return to the main game. You also return to the main round if you guess the wrong card and your win burns away.

The Bonus Deuces video poker is a free demo version of the standard 1-hand online video poker. The game lets you win significant rewards for small bets. It features all the crucial things a video poker should, whereas four wild cards increase your chances to win. Also, playing two hands for one bet is a pleasant bonus. Discover more online casino games for free at NeonSlots.