Jacks or Better (NetEnt)
Jacks or Better Online VideoPoker
Video poker Jacks or Better by NetEnt

Jacks or Better VideoPoker by Net-Ent

Jacks or Better is a free to play demo version of video poker presented by NetEnt. The game involves most of the standard poker combinations. There are no special hands or pictures available. The only option that distinguishes the game from the classic version is the gambling round. The main feature of the game is that you can play several hands.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Features Gamble Round
Developer NetEnt
Games played 63
Game Rating
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How to Play the Jacks or Better VideoPoker Game

The control panel is designed in the traditional NetEnt videopoker format. To determine the size of the total bet from 1 to 10 coins, use the Sector Level section. The Coin Value section allows you to set the denomination of coins in the range of 0.01 to10 credits. In both variants, use triangular icons at the edges of the sectors to adjust the figures.

To start the game, hit a central round button that shows cards. It gives the command to deal cards. The bet size chosen by you is saved. Clicking the Max Bet button deals cards based on the maximum bet.

The Hands section allows you to specify the number of hands to be involved in the game from 1 to 25. The option you choose determines some features of the game. The button with the letter i opens the paytable with multipliers.

Single-Hand Game Rules

Traditionally, the main task in video poker is to form a winning combination. Clicking the central green button activates the deal. When playing one hand, you are dealt five cards.

The next stage is the evaluation of the cards received. It is necessary to decide which of them can make a winning combination. The needed cards are fixed with the Hold buttons. Hit the central button again to replace cards that don't fit with new ones. If the deal is successful, you get a win.

During the game, the game sometimes gives clues and fixes cards automatically. You can agree with the suggestion of the videopoker or cancel it.

Multi-Hand Game Rules

The multi-hand version of the game has some features. Initially, you receive cards in the main hand. At this stage, the gameplay is completely identical. You determine the pictures that can create a combination and fix them.

The selected cards simultaneously appear in all hands. After you hit the Deal button, the pictures in each hand are replaced from separate decks. The Jacks or Better videopoker can generate winning combinations in several hands at once. In this case, payouts are added up.

Pay attention to how the size of the bet in the multi-hand version of the game is calculated. If the cost of the deal was determined with one active hand, when you add new hands, the selected stake will be divided by the corresponding number.

You still can regulate the bet manually. When choosing the number of hands to be involved in the game, you can adjust the total stake as well.

VideoPoker Hands and Multipliers

In the Jacks or Better video poker, the size of a prize is determined by multiplying the bet by the multiplier. The game rules allow you to create nine combinations:

  • Jacks or Better - a pair of Jacks or the same value cards of the higher rank. With a minimum bet of one coin, the multiplier is x1
  • Two Pair - two pairs of equal value cards, for example, two Deuces and two Jacks - x2
  • Three of a Kind - 3 cards of the same value - x3
  • Straight - 5 cards of sequential value of different suits - x5
  • Flush - 5 cards of the same suit - x6
  • Full House - a set of a pair and a trio of equal value cards (for example, 2 Kings + 3 Queens) - x9
  • Four of a Kind - a set of four equivalent cards - x20
  • Straight Flush - 5 sequential cards of the same suit - x40
  • Royal Straight Flush - a sequence of cards of the same suit from 10 to Ace - 250

As you change the bet size, the game automatically adjusts multipliers and indicates the corresponding values in the table. In the single-hand game, an additional section appears at the top of the game. This sector displays the specific amounts of winnings in coins. Play more video poker games online for free at NeonSlots.

Double-up Game

Jacks or Better allows you to increase any payout in the double-up game. Each successful deal activates the Gamble button on the console. It opens the double-up round.

The gambling round is played in an additional window. The rules are classical and very simple. You are asked to guess the suit of the face-down card. The right guess doubles the payout. The wrong guess leads to zeroing your winnings for the round. You can refuse to participate in the double-up game at any time.

Jacks or Better by NetEnt is a video poker game that allows beginners to figure out poker rules. Experienced players that respect the classic version of this table game leave good feedback about it.