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Incredible Technologies Casinos & Games

Incredible Technologies, Inc. is a developer of coin operated arcade machines and land-based slot machines. They have produced over 50 games that feature innovative solutions for global gambling operators.

Incredible Technologies Casinos and Partnerships

The main vector in the development of Incredible Technologies is the production of slot machines, video poker and software solutions for land-based casinos. But the company also cooperates with other developers who mainly specialise in online platforms. IT Inc., for example, develops software platforms for some games released by NYX Gaming Group and Lightning Box.

The company's products are represented on these platforms:

  • Spin Games
  • NetBet Casino
  • Betfair Casino New Jersey
  • Red Queen Casino

Incredible Technologies has been a regular participant in iGaming exhibitions and events. The company's innovative developments were being recognised as the best and the most successful games for online casinos in the Product of the Week charts.

Incredible Technologies Games

Incredible Technologies, Inc. is working in two directions while developing games for casinos and land-based coin operated machines with all sorts of video games (arcade machines). Golden Tee® Golf is an arcade machine that has been recognised as one of the best in the history of arcades.

Incredible Technologies became known in the gambling industry due to its land-based gaming machines, including poker and keno. Land-based slots are supplied to the markets in the US, the Philippines, the UK and all across Asia. The products can also be found in online casinos although there are a lot less than there are in land-based facilities.

Today Incredible Technologies lists Infinity® Skybox™ as its major development. This is a game room that combines up to four games in one set that are similar in either mechanics or themes. The most popular model of Skybox™ includes four slots in one monoblock: two versions of Money Rain and two Crazy Money slots.

  • Money Rain - a slot machine that comes with 5 reels and multiple ways of creating winning combinations by employing the Scatter Ways™ principle. In this game you can win a series of free spins, take part in the drawing of a four-level progressive jackpot and activate the bonus with instant payouts and high multipliers for your total bet
  • Crazy Money - a 5 reel slot that has 15 paylines. The game features some re-spins and bonus games, Money Catch Bonus and Super Sky Wheel Bonus

The company eventually developed a whole series of slot machines that can be included into Skybox™ at the client's discretion. The list includes slots such as Big Prize Bubblegum Deluxe, Money Roll Jackpot and Heat ‘em Up. The company's goal is to develop the content that players want to use and operators want to own. This is the aspiration that has been encouraging the developers to invent new solutions for visual effects, animation and gameplay in their slot machines. All slots by Infinity® Skybox™ are characterised by the following features:

  • Multiple paylines or ways to produce winning combinations
  • Features such as bonus games, re-spins and free spins
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Range of common bonuses

Incredible Technologies History

Incredible Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1985. The company consisted of two employees that graduated from Purdue University, Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton. They are running the company to this day as Executive Vice-President and President & CEO respectively. By applying the experience that the founders gained during the school years, their small studio at that time was developing entertainment apps such as pinball for Data East and regular games for Apple II and Commodore. Since 1988 the staff expanded and new opportunities were opened up for the studio. This is when Incredible Technologies was not preoccupied with programming alone, but was also engaged in the development of its own devices and gaming platforms. The company produced low-cost equipment for playing the Bowling arcade game designed by Capcom.

The success in the production of Capcom platform had an effect on the company's further advancement. The developers focused on the production of coin-operated arcade machines. This kind of entertainment was popular in the US and was easily accessible in special halls, in parks, bars, restaurants and recreational areas. In 1995 Incredible Technologies developed an innovative system that would link the slots to the servers. The ITNet base allowed for storing the data from game sessions for different users on the company's machines. This base brought a competitive element into the video games when the players could compete against one another for the best results regardless of their geographical location. The ITNet system kept improving over time and is still used today in network championships involving tens of thousands of gaming machines located in North America, Australia and the UK. The staff consists of about 200 employees.

Since 2005, Incredible Technologies has been producing slot machines for land-based casinos and the company's products are currently featured in:

  • The casinos of Macao
  • In Peru
  • In the Philippines
  • In facilities in the UK
  • In gaming facilities in 17 different States in the US

Incredible Technologies Structure

The top Managers of Incredible Technologies are:

  • President and CEO - Elaine Hodgson
  • Vice Executive President - Richard Ditton
  • Senior Operating Officer is Jim Doré
  • Company Vice-Presidents:
    • Vice-President of Finance - Gene Cherner
    • General Assessor and Vice-President of Regulatory Matters - Daymon Ruttenberg
    • Vice-President of Human Resources - Cory Christensen
    • Vice-President of Investigation and Production - Larry Hodgson
    • Vice-President of Electrical Engineering - Steve Jaskowiak
    • Vice-President of Entertainment - Don Pesceone
    • Vice-President of Marketing Entertainment- Scott Morrison
    • Vice-President of Game Marketing and Sales - Dan Schrementi
    • Vice-President of Strategically Important Clients - Beena Blake

The company's corporate headquarters are located at 200 Corporate Woods Parkway, Vernon Hills, IL 60061. Telephone numbers (847) 870-7027 and (800) 262-0323. Fax: (847) 870-0120. Official website -

The company has a presence on social media via:

  • Twitter -
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  • Instagram -

Incredible Technologies is a membership of the following associations in the gambling industry:

  • The National Indian Gaming Association
  • American Gaming Association
  • Illinois Gaming Machine Operators Association
  • The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers

While most modern-day companies are developing their digital products for online platforms, Incredible Technologies has been supplying unusual slot machines for land-based casinos. Today the company is recognised as one of the top developers of games and online entertainment platforms. Due to their production of arcade machines, experts predict that in the near future Incredible Technologies will be able to occupy the niche of skill-based games in land-based casinos.