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Keno Game Kenotronic by 1x2 Gaming

Review of Kenotronic Game by 1x2 Gaming

Play free the Kenotronic online keno game developed and released by 1x2 Gaming. The game screen features 80 numbers and you can bet on 1 to 15 numbers. Correctly guessed numbers win you payouts regardless of the order of the results. 

Game Information
Type Keno
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 160
Game Rating

Payouts in the Kenotronic Game

You need to guess the numbers right to get a reward. The winnings for the right guess from 1 to 15 numbers are listed below. These winnings are listed considering the bet to be 1 credit and the number of active boxes to be 15:

  • 1 or 2 numbers - 0 credits
  • Three or four numbers - 0.50 credits
  • Five numbers - 1.50
  • Six numbers - 2
  • Seven numbers - 4
  • Eight numbers - 7
  • Nine numbers - 25
  • Ten numbers - 80
  • Eleven numbers - 250
  • Twelve numbers - 500
  • Thirteen numbers - 1,000
  • Fourteen numbers - 2,500
  • Fifteen numbers - 10,000

The win for the right guess of 1 or 2 numbers is awarded if you bet on only 9 numbers. If you bet on 10 or 11 numbers, you won't get paid for the right guess of 1 number.

After each round, you will see an information window with the amount of right guesses and the size of your reward. The numbers which have landed are found on the right of the screen.

Game principles of Kenotronic 

You get 50,000 credits when the free version of the game by 1x2 Gaming starts. To start the landing of numbers, you need to set the bet. You can do it in the Stake section by using the up and down arrows in the range of 0.1 to 20 credits. Then, pick from 1 to 15 number boxes. To do this, click on one of them. Click again to cancel the selected box. Click the Random button to activate random boxes. To the left of the Random button, you can see two arrows which let you set the number of random boxes to be activated. Click the Play button to start the Kenotronic slot. 20 boxes with numbers will be chosen at random. If the numbers you've chosen and the ones which randomly land coincide, credits are deposited into your account.

Other controls:

  • Turbo - activates the speed mode
  • Clear - cancels all the chosen numbers

You can see the payout list on the right of the screen. These payouts are listed in credits.

Additional control buttons

You will see some additional buttons at the bottom of the game screen, which let you adjust the following parameters:

  • Question mark - opens the help section
  • Options - is found to the left of the question mark button. By using this selector you can adjust the volume of sound and music effects. You can also adjust the graphics quality (High or Low) here
  • History - this button is inactive in the demo version of the game
  • The speaker icon - turns on/off the sound

Apart from the previously listed buttons, you will also see your balance there. If you want to discover all the benefits of playing keno for real money, read our article to learn the details.