Cyberstud Poker (Microgaming)
Play for Free Cyberstud Poker by Microgaming
Cyberstud Poker Slot by Microgaming

Cyberstud Poker Online Game

Cyberstud Poker is a slot themed to the poker game where you have a chance to form different combinations using the 52-card deck. The game was developed and released by Microgaming. It has a mandatory Ante bet. Its minimum size is 1 and maximum 50 credits. You are dealt 5 cards. To get the prize, you have to collect a higher combination than the dealer. The maximum payout is 999:1 for a Royal Flush.

Game Information
Type Poker
Developer Microgaming
Games played 72
Game Rating

The Cyberstud Poker slot rules

To start the game specify the size of the mandatory bet (Ante). Use the +/- controls to do it. Click the Deal button to get the cards. Then the system gives you five cards where a winning combination could appear.

You can see all your 5 cards at once. From the beginning the dealer gets one card which is face up. Click the Call button to place your bet. The amount of the bet is two Ante. After that, the dealer will deal four cards to himself and show you his combination. You have a chance to fold. To do this, click Fold. In this case, even if you have a winning hand, the payout is not awarded, but your Ante disappears.

Information sections:

  • Bet — the bet amount for a round
  • Ante — the amount of the mandatory bet
  • Win – the current prize
  • Demo Credits — the number of credits left

Additional buttons:

  • Help opens the information window in which all the game rules are described in detail
  • Options — the button is not active in this version of the game

The icon of the speaker is in the top right corner. Use it to enable/disable the sound effects.

Combinations and multipliers of the Cyberstud Poker slot

To get a prize, you have to collect a higher winning combination than the dealer. The list of all combinations and respective payouts is below:

  • Ace-King — 1:1 (Ace and King of any suit)
  • One Pair — 1:1 (a pair of identical cards)
  • Two Pairs — 1:1 (two pairs)
  • Three of a Kind — 3:1 (three cards of one value)
  • Straight — 5:1 (five consecutive cards of any suit)
  • Flush — 9:1 (five cards of the same suit)
  • Full House — 14:1 (a pair and three identical cards)
  • Four of a Kind — 99:1 (four cards of the same value)
  • Straight Flush — 199:1 (five consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Royal Flush — 999:1 (five consecutive cards of the same suit from 10 to A)

The dealer announces the draw if identical combinations are formed. In this case you receive your bet back and the Ante is doubled. 


Cyberstud Poker is a slot with the poker game. It is special in that initially you get all five cards and the dealer gets one card face up. This game is suitable both for beginners and professionals in the field of poker. If you have felt the thrill of the free play versions of online gaming, imagine just how much more exciting it can get if you play for real money.