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VISA Electron is a payment system developed in 1998 by VISA Inc., a global payment technologies company with coverage in over 200 countries and a capacity to process over 65,000 transactions per second and offers diverse products such as credit and debit cards. More precisely, VISA Electron is a debit card which banks from around the world may provide to their own clients. At you can find many VISA Electron casinos.

How does VISA Electron Differ from VISA Debit?

The card is linked directly to a bank account so that the user might save and spend their monetary funds and carry out transactions, use innovations such as wireless, payments from mobiles and other technologies Verified by VISA for secure online payments, etc. Unlike VISA Debit which may include an overdraft facility, VISA Electron only permits payment from funds available in the user's account, and only when there is an online connection given that the account balance must be checked. In countries like Spain, practically all establishments have this online connection. Since 2005, VISA Electron cards include the VISA logo without the background flag.

Should a card be lost or stolen, there is a 24 hour helpline, 365 days a year, and the card can be blocked immediately, protecting clients from unauthorized use.

How to Obtain a VISA Electron Card and How to Use it Online

VISA Electron cards may be obtained either from the player's bank or indeed any bank or online payment system which offers services by VISA International Service Association and link their their bank account with a VISA Electron card. Personal information is required including name and surname, identity document, postal address and telephone number.

Next, you will receive a small rectangular plastic card, with a microchip and a magnetic strip. On one side of the card there will be the card holder’s first name and surname, the expiry date and the long card number which is 16 digits long, on the reverse side will appear the verification CVV2 number which is the 3 digit security number. The VISA logo is displayed on the front of the card, in the lower right hand corner on a white rectangular background. The card also has a secret personal 4 digit PIN, which the user requires in order to withdraw money using the card from ATMs and to access their personal account online via the internet or their own bank’s online application from which transactions of all types may be carried out.  Money may be deposited into the user’s account either within the user’s bank or via ATMs.

In order to deposit funds into your favourite online casino using your VISA Electron, the player must access their user profile and add their debit card information so that the casino can verify the card as a legitimate payment method. Required details include the card number, the expiry date, the CVV2 security number and the amount the player wishes to deposit in that particular instance. The transaction is instantaneous and no password is requested at any moment. In order to withdraw winnings from the online casino, the transaction process is the same but may take up to 5 days.

The VISA Electron payment service does not charge the user commissions for each use, although the gaming platform or bank may charge each for each operation using the card.


VISA Inc. as a global company for payment methods launched their first card in 1958 in the USA - the BankAmericard, which was designed with blue, white and gold stripes and achieved great success, quickly expanding to many other countries. It was later rebaptised as VISA International, and VISA maintained the flag until 2005 and continued to grow in popularity and presence right up to the present day. VISA Electron currently provides coverage in over 200 countries around the word and almost 30 credit, debit and prepayment cards as distinct and adaptable the the needs of each user and or company, among which VISA Electron is particularly distinct. Read more details about other international banking cards MasterCardMaestro, e-wallets SkrillNetellerPayPal, prepaid card PaySafeCard and EntroPay.


VISA Electon’s payment service permits users to make deposits to virtual casinos and games platforms faster, more effectively and more securely than ever before, just as they can make withdrawals on their winnings within the maximum 5 day period stipulated, with only the very minimum requirements from each user, namely, their card number, CVV2 code and the expiry date, all forms part of the service provided by VISA International, with coverage reaching to over 200 countries worldwide and cards and services of all types available upon accessing the available funds in a user’s account.  Given that the service is only available to access funds in the user’s bank account, there must be a live link at the time any transactions take place. Deposits may be made in the bank’s offices and also ATMS, just as carrying out operations from the online segment of their account.