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EntroPay or EntroPay VISA virtual card is a payment system developed in 2003 and owned by VISA Inc., an important global payment technologies company. The card is a virtual and reusable prepayment debit card which also permits money to be saved in an EntroPay account, used online, by telephone, at EntroPay casinos or from any establishment which accepts VISA. It is possible to hold as many as 30 virtual cards with just one EntroPay account, with which payments may be made after charging them with your personal debit or credit card, provided it is a VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro or Delta. EntroPay does not display the VISA flag, as it is designed as an independent platform.

How to Create an EntroPay Account and Use it in Online Casinos

In order to make payments and deposits with an Entropay virtual debit card, the player must first create an account from the EntroPay website.  The user will be required to share their first name, surname, an Email address, date of birth, create a password and to select a currency. Once the account has been created, it generally takes approximately one minute to generate a EntroPay virtual card. After registering the virtual card, the card details will appear onscreen, namely, the card number, the expiry date and the CVV2 security number. It is advisable to make a note of this information. Finally, money may be deposited into EntroPay VISA cards from the user’s account, for which a small charge is made. The card may also be used wherever VISA is accepted be it online or by telephone. Payments to EntroPay may also be made provided funds have been deposited in the account within six months prior to the time in which the deposit is made (providing a period no longer than six months has elapsed since the last deposit), alternatively, the online platform managing transactions accepts only the following currency: EUR, GBP and USD, the minimum payment with EntroPay is 10 USD and the maximum is 100,000 USD, whilst the process managing transactions takes a minimum of 3-5 working days.

In order to make deposits to a virtual casino or games portal using an EntroPay VISA virtual card, the player must access their user profile, select VISA as a payment method, add the EntroPay card details, namely, the card number, the expiry date, the CVV2 security code, so that the casino can verify the card, and at the moment of making a deposit or a withdrawal, the sum being deposited or withdrawn. Deposits and withdrawals on winnings can take between 3-5 working days and no password will be requested at any moment. EntroPay reserves the right to charge commissions to cards used to make deposits or withdrawals to or from online casinos, respectively.

EntroPay Advantages

  • EntroPay security encryption is of the most secure in the world. It is a virtual VISA card obtainable merely by registering for a EntroPay account and making a deposit into that account from a bank or other account Following registration, the user is provided with their individual 16 digit long card number, just as that which appears on physical cards,and the CVV security number necessary for completing online purchases, after which the user is free to make deposits as and when they wish
  • This payment method does not require any information as to the user’s own financial history
  • Furthermore, transfers are fast and allow its users to make payments without providing their personal information to the receiver

EntroPay Disadvantages

  • Customer Service is provided via Email, but there is no telephonic support and therefore support for financial queries is not instantaneous
  • EntroPay charges commissions for each deposit made, although the amounts are relatively small and the company’s charges are extremely transparent

VISA Payment System

VISA Inc. is a global payment technology company which began its business activities with their first card in the USA in 1958 - the BankAmericard which was designed on a blue, white and gold background and which obtained great success expanding rapidly to many other countries. It was later rebranded as VISA International and VISA cards continued to display the VISA flag until 2005. The company has continued to grow and expand up to and including the present day, and is now one of the most used payment systems operating in over 200 countries around the world and marketing around 30 distinct credit, debit and prepayment cards adaptable to the needs of each user and or company, among others include the most noteable being VISA Electron and VISA Delta, as well as the more elite cards such as VISA Black Card and VISA Platinum, but also innovative methods, such as EntroPay, an online platform with only virtual cards which are linked to a bank account or other bank card. 


EntroPay’s online payment service allows deposits to be made and winnings to be withdrawn to and from virtual casinos and games platforms with EntroPay VISA’s Virtual cards in an effective and secure manner, in all portals which accept VISA as a method of payment, in a maximum period of between 3-5 working days, requiring only the user’s card number, CVV2 security number and the expiry date on the card. The player may create as many as 30 virtual cards from a single EntroPay VISA and charge them from a bank account or cards such as VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo or Delta. Given that the cards are prepayment debit cards only funds available in the user’s EntroPay account at the time in may be used, and provided that a deposit had been made into the card within a period no longer than six months, and as they are virtual cards, there is no physical card, but the card information is provided thereby allowing the user to create EntroPay cards via internet. Read more details about another online payment methods such as e-wallets SkrillNetellerPayPal, cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and prepaid card PaySafeCard.