MasterCard Casinos

MasterCard Incorporated or MasterCard Worldwide is a multinational company based in the USA which provides financial services dedicated to processing payments between merchants’ and other traders’ banks and the banks which issue the cards. MasterCard is used in over 200 countries worldwide, with a wide range of debit, credit and prepayment cards including the Virtual MasterCard. Here at NeonSlots you can find many MasterCard Casinos.

How to Obtain a MasterCard and Use it in Online Casinos

If a player wishes to obtain a MasterCard, they must make a request at any of the issuing banks or online payment systems which offer MasterCard Incorporated services and link their bank account to the card, whichever is most convenient, a series of personal information is required, including the person requesting a card’s first name, surname, date of birth, document which proves their identity, postal address and telephone number.

Shortly thereafter, a rectangular plastic card incorporating a microchip and presenting a magnetic strip across the back and along the front of which has the cardholder's full name displayed together with the expiry date, the long 16 digit card number while on the reverse side the CVV2 3 digit security number can be seen. In the bottom right hand corner on the front of the card, there is the MasterCard logo, with a holographic inscription upon two circles, one red, one orange, which meet in the middle. It is possible that some cards only exist in as an electronic version, such as the Virtual MasterCard, but all cards have a 4 digit security PIN, which the cardholder must use in order to withdraw money from ATMs and to access their personal accounts online via the internet or the banking entity's online application, where all manner of transactions may be carried out. Depositing money in one’s account is possible from the entity’s offices or via ATMs.

When the cardholder wishes to deposit funds into an online casino using their MasterCard, the player will have to access their casino account, select MasterCard as payment method and add their card information be it from a debit, credit or prepayment card in order for the casino to verify and add the card, such as the long 16 digit card number, the expiry date and the CVV2 3 digit security number, the amount deposited is stated at the time the deposit is made. The deposit is made instantaneously and no password is requested at any time, rather, the withdrawal of winnings can take as long as 5 days. The MasterCard payment system does not charge the cardholder commissions for using their card, however, the games platform or bank may additional charges for each operation.

MasterCard Cards

Since the 1980s, Mastercard has grown and expanded in the international market thanks to a series of constant advances, it positioned itself as the first payment card in the People’s Republic of CHINA, introduced laser holograms on cards and the first business MasterCard, launched the first global debit programme on the internet with their Maestro card, a network of professional services Master Advisor, has unified with various large companies such as Europay International and Europay France and has acquired others such as DataCash.

Since 2013, MasterCard holds its own e-Wallet, Masterpass, with which fast online payments may be made by merely registering and linking one’s card. Furthermore, MasterCard International is the proprietor of three business brands of significant importance: Maestro, a payment system based on a network of debit cards which the company presented in 1990, and which may be obtained in any issuing banking entity or relevant financial institution and use them to pay in more than 15 million commercial establishments, Cirrus, a network  of ATMs, and Mondex, a card linked directly to an e-Wallet with the capacity to carry out payments with digital money.

Moreover, Mastercard provides a rich list of distinct cards with various facilities:

  • Cirrus Maestro: basic debit card, low cost, requiring prior authorisation for all payments
  • MasterCard Electron: may be used to make payments online and in commercial establishments, with a series of limitations regarding its use and functionality
  • MasterCard Unembossed: a standard credit card with the cardholder’s details (full name and card number) able to to make payments of up to 50 USD without authorisation
  • MasterCard Gold: credit card with additional functions such as insurance, immediate replacement of the card and certain discounts
  • MasterCard World: Credit card with the same advantages as Gold but greater, including insurance for the cardholder, additional privileges and discounts from banking entities associated with MasterCard
  • MasterCard Platinum: credit card with maximum limits, with the same advantages as Gold and World cards, as well as a personalized service and a worldwide advisory service
  • MasterCard World Signia (World Elite) an elite credit card for private clients of banks, with the same advantages as Platinum but also with bank advisor available 24 hours a day as well as providing a series of personalized offers
  • Virtual MasterCard: credit with an electronic format for online purchases, not available to make hotel reservations, buy transport tickets nor withdraw cash nor purchases within commercial establishments
  • Corporate MasterCard: a collection of MasterCards for companies which allow their collaborators to make purchases on their behalf
  • MasterCard Workplace Solutions: a collection of MasterCard cards for corporate clients of the bank, specifically designed with businesses workers in mind
  • Standard Prepayment Cards, present or trip: prepayment cards without the need to link the cards to any bank account, with the possibility using them in any establishment that accepts a debit Mastercard
  • OneSMART: this programme has developed a series of possibilities offered via smart, which in future will be brought together in one single microchip all the functions of credit and debit cards, e-Wallets, digital identity document, discounts and loyalty points, electronic tickets and the storage of personal information

Clearly, Mastercard has developed a range of financial products to allow for the needs of everyone according to the individual’s particular circumstances. The company’s product range is growing constantly and continuously adapting to the changing demands of the market place. 

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MasterCard Advantages

  • Mastercard may be acquired from and is accepted by a vast range of banking entities, a great advantage to those who wish to benefit from the world renown of a truly multinational company
  • At the moment of making deposits into an online bingo account, for example, MasterCard is so well known that it is unlikely to present difficulties by not being accepted by a particular legal website

Disadvantage of paying online with MasterCard

  • Customers must impart their personal, financial information in order to make deposits to online websites, although the potential risk involved in light of the protections and safeguards provided by current legislation, particularly in the UK and other Western countries, is minimum


Mastercard’s payment systems and cards provide players with the possibility of making deposits to virtual casinos and games platforms quickly, effectively and safely, able also to withdraw winnings within a maximum period of 5 days, all by just providing the card number, the CVV2 3 digit security code and the card’s expiry date, debit cards may be chosen, from available balance, credit cards, with pre agreed and predetermined limits with the bank, prepayment cards, previously charged, electronic cards, Mastercard’s e-wallet, all of these cards are adapted to their economic features, according to their preferences, available in over 200 countries and in 15 million trading establishments. Since inception, it has been considered a direct rival of one of the leading brands of payment - VISA cards, and appeared on the market in 1966 as a product of various California banks united under the Interbank Card Association (ICA), which introduced the first Interbank cards or Master Charge directly to the USA and Europe, later rebranding as MasterCard Worldwide, a Public company since 2006, and changing the name of its cards to MasterCard in 1979, but keeping the original logo, based on two red circles which join in the centre.