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VISA Inc. is a company dedicated to the development of technological payment systems capable of connecting consumers, companies, financial institutions, governments and territories to fast, secure and trusted electronic payment systems via the VisaNet worldwide network, accepted in over 200 countries globally and with the capacity to manage over 65,000 transactions per second. The VISA payment service does not charge commissions for using the card, although VISA casino´s or the banking entity may charge additional fees for each operation performed.

The VISA Payment System

The VISA payment system is a world leader in innovation, with a varied range of services which include debit, credit and prepayment cards as well as introducing innovative technology such as the WiFi contactless card system, payments from mobile phones and other technologies Verified by VISA for online payments, and although VISA is not a bank in itself, it is a payment system whose cards are linked to the cardholder’s own bank account.

How to Obtain a VISA Card and Use it in Online Casinos

In order to obtain a VISA card, the player must first contact their bank or an online payment system which offers VISA International Service Association’s services and link their bank account to a VISA card, whichever is most convenient to the user. To do so, certain personal information must be provided, including: first name, surname, identity card details, such as a passport, postal address and telephone number. Shortly afterwards, the requested VISA card will be issued, in the form of a rectangular shaped plastic card the size and colour of which may differ depending on which card has been requested, for instance, in the case of VISA mini Card or VISA Black card, which include a microchip and magnetic band, upon the front the name, verification number CVV2 3 is displayed.  On the opposite side, in the bottom right hand corner the VISA logo is displayed, with the holographic description over a white rectangle. In some cases, such as with the Virtual VISA card, there is no physical card for the user to hold, rather, a digital online version. Whichever the case, the card will have a personal four digit password which the user will use to withdraw money from ATMs and require in order to access their personal account online via the internet or the banking entity’s own online app, where all manner of transactions may be carried out. Deposits may be made either within the establishment of the card issuer or at ATMs.

In order to make deposits to an online casino using a VISA card, the player must access their user account and add their card details, be they of a debit, credit or prepayment card so that the casino can verify the card as a method of payment, such as the card number, the expiry date, the CVV2 3 digit security number and, at the moment of making a deposit with them, the desired amount. The deposit is made instantaneously and no password will be requested at any time. Winnings may be withdrawn in the same way as making a deposit but may take up to a maximum of 5 days to complete. 

VISA Cards

Today, VISA offers a wide range of distinct services and cards with varying characteristics and limits adapted to the precise needs of each individual cardholder. Below is a list of cards available together with a brief description of each one in turn:

  • Visa Electron: debit card which may only access funds available in the user’s account at the moment in which the user wishes to use said funds and, consequently, the point of sale or payment terminal must be online at the time the card is being used
  • VISA Classic: is a monthly credit card which allows you to pay all operations either at the end of the month or in installments
  • VISA Debit: a debit card which allows larger bills to be paid from funds available in the user’s account with predetermined limits agreed with the banking entity which issued the card
  • VISA Prepaid Card: a rechargeable prepayment card with no annual fee which allows the precharged balance of the card to be used, and may be used as a Gift Card
  • VISA Gold: is a credit card with higher limits than VISA Classic and has a series of additional services such as the the instant cash withdrawals, fast card exchange, additional discounts and privileges whilst travelling, making purchases and paying for services
  • VISA Platinum: an elite credit card with a series of superior privileges to those of VISA Gold, such as additional services, discounts and insurance
  • VISA Signature: a credit card for users with a higher acquisitive level with the maximum purchasing power, higher transaction limits and the most exclusive online services
  • VISA Infinite: a most prestigious credit card for those who have maximum financial capacity and often without an upper credit limit
  • VISA Black Card: a luxury card and exclusively fabricated with reinforced polymers with carbon fibres which only 1% of Americans may acquire, with privileges and benefits such as an advisory service, travel insurance, damage indemnity in case of car accident or trip cancellation
  • VISA Business Credit/Debit: credit or debit card for small businesses
  • VISA Business Electron Card: debit card for small businesses in countries in economic growth
  • VISA Corporate: is a card for medium and large size businesses
  • VISA Fleet: a business card for companies whose employees are systematically travelling, helping them to save on the costs of transport and receive promotions on maintainance services and fuel
  • VISA Virtual card: this is a virtual card for online payments with an inferior level of protection but with the possibility of using it anonymosly
  • VISA TravelMoney: is a prepayment card designed for the transfer of money in the style of travelers cheques, sometimes limited to cash withdrawals from ATMs, but in any currency
  • VISA Mini Card: is a reduced sized card designed for purchases and cash withdrawals from electronic ATMs, the mini card uses both the magnetic band and the WiFi microchip
  • VISA Buxx: a debit card for children and teenagers with which parents can deposit money and follow the account’s transactions
  • VISA Horizon: debit card which allows savings using the microchip, having previously authorized this from the bank account
  • VISA Cash: a rechargeable prepayment card or a card which may be designed as a single use card for small and quick transactions
  • VISA Payroll: a card for US citizens that must not link the card to a bank account, designed to deposit money and carries with it an insurance for private property for up to 50,000 USD
  • VISA Check, VISA Gold Check and VISA Business Check: are cards designed to accumulate aire miles, especially in connection with WorldPerks
  • VISA Platinum Check: a card allowing exclusive participation in WorldPerks, but to a greater extent than VISA Check or VISA Gold Check
  • VISA Purchasing: a card designed with the bills generated by the offices pertaining to medium and large business in mind, with the maximum sum of 5,000 USD, savings in administrative costs and the possibility of receiving various types of financial information
  • VISA Commercial: a card for the consolidation of all payments from a department, division or affiliate which offers a general overview of bills by event, purchases and business trips

The wide range of different cards available ensure that all customers needs can be met, regardless of their individual circumstances.

Why Choose VISA?

VISA is a well known and trusted brand that can be used in many different places including shops, petrol stations, hotels and restaurants all around the world, as well as for online transactions. It is an accepted payment method at most online casinos where transactions occur quickly and securely.

Visa Advantages

  • VISA is a well known and trusted global brand and their cards can be used in many different places all around the world safely and securely
  • It is a popular payment method that is accepted in most online casinos for deposits and withdrawals from your online casino account

Visa Disadvantage

  • If you use a VISA card for your online casino account, then you will need to disclose your personal information, which can put your details in jeopardy, however, due to the level of protection and safeguards that are in place, the risk is minimal

VISA Brief History

VISA’s company history began in the USA with the Bank Of America, which issued its first card in 1958, BankAmericard which displayed the white, blue and red stripes, whose great success permitted the bank to expand and in 1972 it was already well-known household name and had licences to issue cards in 15 countries. In time, IBANCO was founded, a multinational corporation the members of which became those forming the international network named BankAmericard, but this did not generate a great deal of popularity on the international stage and was thus later renamed VISA International and the BankAmericard as VISA card which continued to present the white blue and gold flag emblazoned on the card until 2005.


VISA’s payment service allows users to make deposits to virtual casinos and games platforms faster, more effectively and more securly, just as withdrawing winnings albeit within a period of 5 days , requiring only the user’s card number, CVV2 code and expiry date, being able to choose between around 30 distinct cards with varying characteristics such as card limits, functional differences, bespoke characteristics, accepted in over 200 countries worldwide with cards and services of all types geared to the individual user. If a debit card is chosen, only the balance available in the account to which it is linked may be used, if a credit card is chosen then the cardholder may spend anything up to and including a predetermined amount agreed between the user and their banking entity, if a prepayment card is selected then the balance of the card may be used, in any event deposits may be made in the banking entity’s offices and ATMs as well as being able to manage transactions from the online part of the user’s account.

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