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Maestro debit cards are a part of MasterCard, an important international financial services company that was founded in 1990 and provides its services in over 200 countries around the world. Banking entities across the globe issue these cards, which may be debit cards linked to an account, or prepayment cards. In most countries these cards function as standard debit cards, which is to say, that they access the available funds in a linked account, and for which checks are carried out online before purchases are completed. There are many Maestro Casinos featured at

How to Obtain a Maestro Card and Use it in Online Casinos

Players may obtain a Maestro card from any banking entity or online payment system that offers MasterCard Incorporated’s services or, alternatively, directly from its subsidiary Maestro and link the card to their bank account and to one of these cards, whichever method is most convenient, for which the applicant must provide certain personal information, including: first name and surname, date of birth, identity card, postal address and telephone number.

Shortly afterwards, a small rectangular plastic card is issued to the cardholder, with a microchip and a magnetic strip. On one side of the card there will be the card holder’s first name and surname, the expiry date and the 16 digit long card number, on the reverse side will appear the verification CVV2 3 digit security number. The Maestro logo, derived from MasterCard, with the holographicinscription upon two blue circles and one red circle which meet in the centre. The card also has a secret personal 4 digit PIN number, which the user requires in order to withdraw money using the card from ATMs and to access their personal account online via the internet or their own banking entity’s own online application from which transactions of all types may be carried out.  Money may be deposited into the user’s account either within the user’s bank or via ATMs.

In order to deposit funds into an online casino using a Maestro card, the player must access their casino user profile, select Mastercard (MAESTRO) as a method of payment and add their debit card information so that the casino can verify the card as a legitimate payment method. Required details include the card number, the expiry date, the CVV2 3 digit security number and the amount the player wishes to deposit in that particular instance. The transaction is instantaneous and no password is requested at any moment. In order to withdraw winnings from the online casino, the transaction process is the same but may take up to 5 days. The Maestro payment service does not charge the user commissions for each use, although the gaming platform or bank may charge for each operation using the card.


MasterCard's multinational financial services began as a group of Californian banks under the name Interbank Card Association  (ICA), issuing Interbank or Master Charge cards for the first time in 1966, whose logo, two red circles meeting an orange circle in the centre, are still present today. The company expanded quickly in the international market and became a rival of VISA, and has continued to innovate continuously in the field of payment methods, creating Cirrus, a network of interbanks, Masterpass, their own digital e-Wallet and OneSMART, a multifunctional card with microchip. In 2006, MasterCard became a publiccompanyand today produces over 10 distinct debit, credit and prepayment cards, with services reaching over 200 countries and 15 million points of sale.


Maestro’s network of cards allows deposits to be made to online casinos and games platforms quickly, effectively and safely, as well as to withdraw winnings in a maximum period of 5 days, with only the user’s card number, CVV2 code and the card’s expiry date, all forming part of MasterCard’s multinational service, which reaches over 200 countries and provides the possibility of carrying out transactions from the online interface of their account. With the exception of the European Union, and some other countries, given that the card is a debit card, only funds currently available in the cardholder’s linked bank account at the time the card is used will be available, requiring prior authorisation from the banking entity.

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