Gameplay in Offside And Seek

Two playing fields are featured on the screen, each of them has one game. Scratch cards are found on the left of the screen and the "Score a goal" game is on the right. You have to play both of these games in each round.

Below you will see the following buttons:

  • View Payout — opens the paytable
  • Stake — sets your bet
  • New Card (Reveal All) — starts the new round or opens all scratch cards
  • Win — displays your win for a round
  • Balance — shows the number of credits in your account

You need to set your bet by using the "+" and "-" buttons in the Stake section before the round. You can set from 0.50 to 10 coins.

Game rules

Once you set the bet click the New Card button. Six cards with question marks appear on the left of the screen and the screen saver of the mini game on the right. You can play this game in any order because the results will be added up.

Match 3 players to win

Once all six cards are face-down the button in the centre changes to Reveal All. Click it to open all cards. Another way is to open them one by one by clicking on each card.

If three identical footballers appear on the screen you will rewarded. Your win depends on the size of your bet — the higher the bet the larger the reward is. Payouts range from 10 to 100,000 coins. Once you open a card you can see the value on it.

Symbol values

Below is a list of payouts for three identical cards with the maximum bet:

  • A footballer in yellow glasses pays 100,000 coins
  • A brown haired man with big lips — 50,000
  • A red headed footballer — 25,000
  • A curly haired footballer — 10,000
  • A thin blond — 1,000
  • An dark haired footballer with big eyes — 500
  • A dark haired footballer with small eyes — 200
  • A short dark haired footballer with a big nose — 100
  • A smiling footballer with blonde hair and a small goatie — 50
  • A bald football player — 30
  • An black haired footballer with big teeth — 20
  • A chubby red haired player — 10

Score A Goal To Win

Another game becomes active once you click on its screen. You will see the goal post and two football players. The result of this game is random. If you score a goal you will get a payout.

You can see the amount of your prize in advance by clicking the Click to Reveal Prize button. You can view the reward for this round in the window. Winnings for both games are added up and displayed in the Win window found at the bottom of the screen.


Offside And Seek scratch cards offer you two mini-games. You can win a large prize with a low bet.