How to play Hairy Fairies

The gameplay reminds you instant lotteries. The Hairy Fairy slot uses 12 symbols — 3 vertically and 4 horizontally. You can open 9 of them. Each symbol hides a multiplier. If you collect three identical multipliers, the win is credited to your account. For example, if with the bet is 2 credits and you collect three x2 multipliers after opening nine icons, you get a payout of 4 credits.

Use two buttons of beer cans to control the game:

  • Stake
  • New Card

The first indicates your bet size. This is the only adjustable setting in the game. There are the –/+ buttons on both sides of the Stake button. Use them to increase or decrease the bet value. It can range from 0.50 to 10 credits.

Click the New Card button to start a round. 12 men in fairy costumes appear in the game window. You choose them one by one. Click each icon to know its multiplier. It is fixed in the table on the left of the game window. You can use one card in each round. After all 9 icons are opened, you get a result. The multiplier that lands three times is applied to the bet and credited to your balance.

The Reveal All button allows you open all 9 icons simultaneously. In this case, they are chosen randomly. The maximum win is 25,000 credits. There is no pay table in the slot. Click the question mark on the top right to open a text version of the rules. There is also a clock.

In the demo version, you initially have 2,000 credits. The Demo Credits window displays the current number of credits in the balance.

Multipliers of payouts

Multipliers are not associated with specific images. The Hairy Fairies slot has 6 multipliers: x2, х3, х5, х12, х100 and х2,500.

You can only win once during a round. If you collect three different multipliers, only the highest one pays.

The Hairy Fairies slot is interesting with its ironic theme. It is perfect for those who want to play an outstanding slot game with simple rules and gameplay. The official RTP is undefined. At the same time, users often mention the generosity of the slot in the feedback.