How to play Freezing Fuzzballs

The game runs on the principle of an instant lottery. During the round a card with hidden pictures will come up on the game screen. Once you open them all, you will know the outcome of the round. If you hit a winning combination, you will be awarded with a prize.

The control panel of the slot has the following buttons:

  • The Stake menu
  • The New Card/Reveal All button

Use -/+ buttons to adjust your bet size. Your bet per round can range between 0.5 and 10 credits. Click the New Card button to launch the round. This is when you will see 9 cubes of ice. Each of them will be hiding a snow figurine. All of them have their own multipliers that will be displayed to the left of the game screen.

Click on a piece of ice to know what figurine it hides. The phrase "Reveal All" will pop up right on the start button. Click on it to melt all the chunks of ice. If 3 figurines of one kind come up on the game screen, you will be entitled to a reward.

Once you load the free version of the Freezing Fuzzballs slot, you will initially have 2,000 credits in your account. Once you launch the round, the bet amount will be deducted from your account. As soon as you land 3 identical figures on the game screen, the credits will be added to your account. The winning amount will be your bet multiplied by the appropriate factor. Only the highest-paying combination will pay a reward after each round.

Click the question mark button in the upper right corner of the screen to learn more about the game. The window in the bottom left corner displays you current balance. The Win section shows your win for the current round.

Symbols and multipliers

In Freezing Fuzzballs the figurine of an Eskimo is the highest-paying one. Three of these symbols coming up on the game screen will earn you the reward of a multiplier of x2,500. The picture of a white bear earns you the multiplier of 100. The rest of the symbols have the following multipliers:

  • A seal — 12
  • A squirrel— 5
  • A whale — 3
  • A penguin — 2

All winnings are listed for a combination of 3 identical pictures. The multipliers will stay fixed and cannot be modified even if more than 3 identical symbols come up during one round. The pictures can be positioned on any part of the game screen.

You will enjoy playing the Freezing Fuzzballs slot if you want to take a break from the more complex games. The slot pleases you with its high-quality graphics. The Theoretical Return to Player (RTP) in the slot is about 95%.