Golden Ghouls (Microgaming)
Golden Ghouls

Golden Ghouls Online Scratch by Microgaming Review

Golden Ghouls is a scratch card by Microgaming. This is a 3x3 instant lottery ticket where you need to reveal three identical pictures to win. The maximum reward will be paid with the multiplier of x250 for three pictures of a mummy.

Game Information
Type Scratch
Developer Microgaming
Games played 48
Game Rating

How to Play Golden Ghouls for Free

You will initially be given 2,000 credits to play the Golden Ghouls slot. These funds will be used for buying the scratch cards for you to play. Your objective is to collect as many winning tickets as you can and earn the rewards with the highest multipliers possible so that you could increase the amount that you have in your balance.

Running the game is simple, the control panel contains the following items:

  • The Stake section - displays your bet for one round. In other words, this is the price of one scratch card. You can change the price in the range between 0.5 and 10 credits by using the +/- buttons
  • New Card - launches a new round (activates a new scratch card)
  • The Win section - displays your reward for coming up with three identical pictures that were under the protective layer
  • Demo Credits - displays the amount that you have in your balance

You can remove the scratch card layer from the boxes manually by left-clicking on each box individually. Another option is to click Reveal All to reveal all of the boxes at the same time. This button will come up instead of the New Card button once another round begins.

Symbols and Rewards

You will encounter six symbols under the protective layer of the scratch card. The value for each symbol will be indicated in the paytable. The paytable will be displayed on the main screen to the left of the game window. Next to each character you will see the current multiplier for your bet on the scratch card.

  • A werewolf - х1(the figure indicated in the Stake section multiplied by 1)
  • A poisoner - х2
  • A vampire - х4
  • A hunchback - х10
  • A Frankenstein's monster - х50
  • A mummy - х250

If you come up with two winning combinations (three identical pictures of two different kinds), the rewards will not be added up. You will be paid for the highest-winning trio of symbols only.