Blackjack 6 in 1 (Felt Gaming)
Play for Free Blackjack 6 in 1 by Felt Gaming
Blackjack 6 in 1 by Felt Gaming

BlackJack 6 in 1 by Felt Gaming Review

Blackjack 6 in 1 is a Casino Game by Felt Gaming that you can play online for free with a virtual dealer. Read the game review to learn how to play this Blackjack game which has additional side bets, and if special combos that are shown in the paytable are made with your first two cards and in some cases also include the dealer´s face up card, or if the dealer busts, you will win a multiplier of your side bet.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer Felt Gaming
Games played 256
Game Rating

Blackjack Rules

The game of blackjack uses playing cards and the aim is to collect no more than 21 points in your hand. The name Blackjack comes from the highest scoring hand that is made by having only 2 cards, a 10, J, Q or K and an Ace. Having a blackjack will award you a payout of 3:2 and if you have a winning hand that is not a Blackjack, you will receive a payout of 1:1. In this particular game you are able to play up to 3 hands with every round and can make regular and side bets that range from 0.10 to 50. 

After making the bets, the dealer starts to deal a total of two face up cards to each hand in a clockwise direction, although their first card will be dealt face down. Moving from right to left you will need to play each hand of cards, deciding if you want to add additional cards or keep the ones you have, to try and get the closest to 21. The dealer has a few restrictions and limits to their gameplay, they have to stand on a soft 17, which is when an Ace is being used to score 11 points and they have either a 6 or two 3´s for example. 

Blackjack 6 in 1 Winning Hand Payouts

Blackjack 6 in 1 gives players the chance to place additional side bets as to whether specific combinations will be created by your first 2 cards and the dealer´s display card. These special bets are: 

  • Perfect Pairs - If your first two cards make a pair:
    • Perfect Pair - 2 identical cards pays 25 to 1
    • Coloured Pair - 2 cards with the same value and colour (eg: 5 of clubs and 5 of spades) pays 12 to 1
    • Mixed Pair - 2 cards with the same value and different suits (eg: 5 of clubs and 5 of hearts) pays 6 to 1
  • 21+3 - If your first two cards and the dealer´s face up card make a 3 card poker hand:
    • Suited Trips - 3 identical cards (eg: 3 King of Diamonds) pays 100 to 1
    • Straight Flush - 3 cards in the same suit in a sequence (eg: 4, 5 & 6 of clubs) pays 40 to 1
    • 3 of a Kind - 3 cards of the same value (eg: 3 Queens) pays 25 to 1
    • Straight - 3 cards in a sequence but different suits (7 of hearts, 8 of clubs and 9 of spades) pays 10 to 1
    • Flush - 3 cards of the same suit (eg: 2 of clubs, 6 of clubs and J of clubs) pays 5 to 1
  • Lucky Ladies - If your first 2 cards score 20 or include a queen:
    • Pair of Queen of Hearts pays 100 to 1
    • Matched 20 - 2 identical cards that equal 20 pays 30 to 1
    • Suited 20 - 2 cards of the same suit that score 20 pays 10 to 1
    • Any 20 - 2 cards that total 20 pays 3 to 1
    • One Queen - the appearance of any Queen pays 1 to 1
  • Suit´em Up - If your first two cards are the same suit :
    • Suited Aces - 2 Aces with the same suite pays 50 to 1
    • Suited Blackjack - a Blackjack created by 2 cards of the same suit pays 10 to 1
    • Suited Pair - 2 identical cards with the same suit and value pays 5 to 1
    • Suited 11 - 2 cards that are in the same suit and total 11 pays 3 to 1
    • Suited Other - 2 cards in the same suit but different values pays 2 to 1
  • Lucky Lucky - If your first two cards and the dealer´s face up card total 19, 20 or 21:
    • 7-7-7 Suited - 3 sevens in the same suit pays 200 to 1
    • 6-7-8 Suited - a 6, 7 and 8 of the same suit pays 100 to 1
    • 7-7-7 - any 3 sevens pays 50 to 1
    • 6-7-8 - any 6, 7 and 8 pays 25 to 1
    • 21 Suited - any 3 cards in the same suit that total 21 pays 15 to 1
    • 21 - any 3 cards that total 21 pays 3 to 1
    • 20 - any 3 cards that total 20 pays 2 to 1
    • 19 - any 3 cards that total 19 pays 2 to 1
  • Buster Blackjack - If the dealer busts when he has:
    • 8+ cards and you have a blackjack - 2,000 to 1
    • 7 cards and you have a blackjack - 800 to 1
    • 8+ cards - pays 250 to 1
    • 7 cards - pays 50 to 1
    • 6 cards - pays 18 to 1
    • 5 cards - pays 4 to 1
    • 3 or 4 cards - pays 2 to 1

The minimum Side Bet is 0.10 and the maximum 50.

Buttons and Controls of the Game

When you open this game by Felt Gaming, you will see several buttons in the lower part of the screen. There is a blue button with the word Undo, a red button with the word Clear and different valued chips that you can scroll through. You need to choose your chip and place it into the betting circle that is in front of each hand that you wish to play and do the same for any of the 6 different side bets that you wish to make. The total amount of the deal is shown on a large green button on the right and you will need to press it to start the dealing of the cards. 

At the top of the game screen you can see the Paid, Bonus, Stake and Balance amounts. On the left of the screen are two arrows that point to the right, clicking on them will open a Game menu that displays the payout ratios, tutorials, help pages and links that will take you to the casino lobby or the cashier. The offer of an insurance bet and sound effects can also be turned off here,

During the game you will be given various additional options:

  • Hit - deals an extra card
  • Stand - you do not want any additional cards
  • Split - this option is available if you have 2 cards with the same value, for an additional bet you can split these cards to create 2 separate hands that you can play individually 
  • Double - if the two cards you are dealt equal 9, 10 or 11 you have the chance to Double Down, you will need to pay another bet equal to your first and are dealt just one extra card
  • Insurance - when the cards are dealt and the dealer is showing an Ace, you can give half of your initial bet as insurance and if the dealer reveals a Blackjack your new bet will receive a payout of 2:1, unless you also have a Blackjack, in which case the payout will be 1:1

After each round has finished you will see a large purple button on the right that says 2x Rebet and another green button with the words Rebet. 2x Rebet will double your bets from the previous round and rebet will use the same bet amounts from the previous round. On the left is a green button that says New Game which will start a new round where you can place new bets.

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