iGaming in 2020 - What's up? Trends & Innovations


iGaming 2020 news

In recent years the online gambling market known as iGaming has evolved significantly and especially in relation to online casino games that have been developed with great technological advances and facilities to adapt to changing times. The competition among the iGaming software developers is growing stronger, so great innovations are expected in iGaming trends in 2020.

Currently the internet, mobile devices and social networks have changed the way people interact with their environment, so each developer has invested a lot of funds in adapting to all these trends and taking advantage of this boom, making their online games better in speed, graphics, sounds and adaptivity to any platform, so that the players could enjoy at all times. The developers are expected to take a step forward in 2020 to take more advantage of social networks and user interaction. In addition, there will be greater progress in terms of payment methods such as E-wallets and cryptocurrency, as well as virtual reality games, just to name some aspects that are on the agenda of the software developers. At NeonSlots we decided to analyse some iGaming trends 2020 that are expected to happen. 

Virtual Reality Casinos 2020

When talking about virtual reality, we refer to the helmet that has the screen and sensor gloves that allow us to observe a computer-generated 3D simulation, in an environment where we can interact. It is a technology that is increasingly used for online games of all kinds and online casinos are no exception.

There are some casinos that are already using this technology, but it is expected that in 2020 experience of the iGaming will significantly change. These are great opportunities that can be explored, just to give an example, virtual reality poker that has more and more fans. The VR innovations will allow to interact much better with opponents and play face to face, thanks to the VR helmet, a technology that promises a lot. Also in 2020, online casinos are expected to introduce much more Augmented Reality, which combines the real world with virtual overlays, such as the popular Pokémon Go game. This would bring more realism to online casino games.

More Payment Options

Currently there are many ways to make online payments due to constantly developing payment technologies which in recent times has facilitated access to electronic wallets or cryptocurrencies. This is why the online casinos have adapted to the new times offering various payment methods on their websites. All the facts indicate that in 2020 the number of casinos that allow to use new payment options such as e-wallets or cryptocurrencies will increase, because nowadays a lot fewer players use tradicional deposits by means of bank cards. In 2020 there will be more crypto casinos which may continue to take ground in the iGamin industry.

Blockchain Casinos

Not everyone is familiar with blockchain technology, but many people who work in banking, investments or cryptocurrencies know it very well. This technology is already found in some casinos of the iGaming industry, but the market is expected to increase in 2020. It is a system that allows transactions to be safer and faster, without having to enter any personal data and not allowing to casino to control any payment details. By 2020, these online payment transactions by means of blockchain technology are expected to be much more common.

Betting on Electronic Sports (E-Sports)

In 2020 there will also be an increase in team-based league bets and E-Sports players. It is a market that has grown lately with more and more people interested in electronic sports, both for participating and for betting as much as in traditional sports. In several cities in the United States there are already several regional game operators who will focus on E-Sports in 2020.

New Welcome Bonuses

All online casinos offer welcome bonuses, but with the intention of differentiating themselves from competitors it is expected by 2020 that the casino bonuses will vary to make them more personalised to the user. In addition, more generous bonuses could appear, as well as the possibility of using them in specific games, something that is increasingly found.

Artificial Intelligence in iGaming

In order to make welcome bonuses more personalised online casinos will seek to take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence in 2020. The mission is to know the user much more to provide a better experience when entering the page or the app to play.

For this purpose there is Machine Learning, a branch of Artificial Intelligence with different algorithms to manage and improve user data management, so you could be aware of the news about your favourite games without having to search. There are many ways to use Artificial Intelligence, casinos have already been doing it, but there are more news in AR iGaming to be expected.

Mobile and social games

Given the boom and popularity of social networks, online casinos have had to adapt their services to meet the needs of their users. Many casinos already have social functions in their games or are available on platforms such as Facebook. By 2020 online casinos are expected to improve the social interaction of players, with new technology which can change the industry and expand this concept much more to attract other users.

Likewise, new features will be offered for users of mobile devices, first of all the increase in online games adapted to mobile phones and tables, both on Android and iPhone. By 2020 new legal regulations of the iGaming are also expected, mainly in Europe.

These are some of the main iGaming trends and innovations that could change the iGaming market by 2020. All these innovations have the mission of improving the user experience by means of synergy between traditional online casinos and new technologies. There will be several new experience options and a greater growth rate of the industry by 2020 that can bring great surprises to the players.

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