Arcade Games VS Online Gambling


Arcade Games VS Online Gambling

Every day players aspire to receive innovations in online gaming technology, design, gameplay or payouts. The industry has an important challenge to satisfy users, so such options as arcade games appear on the horizon offering a different type of entertainment for a younger audience that may become a reference for igaming.

In his interview to CasinoBeats, Lloyd Purser, COO of Funfair, a blockchain-powered game development company, noted that arcade games represent an interesting alternative to online gambling that has been so popular in recent times.

Are arcade games an alternative to online gambling?

“Arcade games combine entertainment with real money payouts. They provide a different experience as compared to traditional online slots as they resemble games that you would have played in an arcade, but online and for real money winnings. They combine skill and decision making with betting, creating a very attractive gaming experience for the player ”, he pointed out.

For his part, Ben McDonagh, CEO of Green Jade Games, stressed that arcade games will not replace current casino games, but rather complement them, offering a different experience.

“Arcade games are an extension of the entertainment of gambling, not a replacement for existing gaming options. They satisfy a different need while still being true gambling games, with the same volatility, payout range and win frequency that you can experience in slots, but with completely different interactivity and reward sensation, ”McDonagh told CasinoBeats .

Who do arcade games attract?

When talking about arcade games, it should be taken into account that they can be the entry point for new users to the online gambling market, since they are much more digital generations than previous ones. All this because it is the millenians and generation Z who are most attracted to arcades, said Shalva Bukia, Spribe's product director.

“Millennials and Gen Z are the largest demographic, because these games are similar to the ones they played growing up. Arcade games are a good entry point for new players who are not yet experienced in the world of online casinos. In addition, it also works in a good way for experienced players due to the experience and innovative game mechanics,” said Bukia.

Likewise, Bukia added that she expects a consolidation and growth of arcade games or similar options, since people increasingly want more interaction. “The player base for arcade games will grow naturally. These games are an inseparable part of Gen-Z, they will become familiar to more and more new players. I think multiplayer and social media are the next big gambling trend, "she said.

“I think one of the key elements of success in these games is the multiplayer social experience. In today's world, online interactions are a new norm, people like to feel connected, ”said Bukia.

Player actions determine the outcome

One point to note is that unlike slots, in this type of game, the player's skill or a decision made at a certain time can change the outcome, not just luck. Bukia, Product Director of Spribe, highlighted that in recent years the popularity of these games has grown, which are different from what has been traditionally observed in casinos.

“These are games that often have a more simplistic user interface and interactive gameplay. Instead of pressing the button and waiting for the result, with arcade games the player is more involved and in some cases, his actions determine the outcome of the game, ”she said.

While Ben McDonagh, CEO of Green Jade Games, pointed out that these types of games provide an opportunity for the industry to continue innovating. “Most online slot games contain the same ingredients, as they have reels, symbols, and win lines. They vary in design by setting up reel games in different structures, or by grouping symbols and combining them with cascading functions, but conceptually they all operate in a similar way, ”he said to Casino Beats.

“Arcade games can be anything from the halfpenny machines played on British docks by the sea to the more modern 'fishing games' popularized in the salons of Asia. Therefore, the main difference in the genres is the wide range of types in arcade compared to slots. ”McDonagh said.

Different style for the industry

Likewise, Shalva Bukia, Spribe's product manager, highlighted this difference with slots, as well as the way in which the player can interact. “Both types of games return results generated by an RNG and generate income for the house by having a margin. Betting frequency, bet size, payout potential are all the same, although some arcade games allow skill to be a factor that cannot be found in other slot machines, ”she said.

“This style is completely different from an experience like slots. This difference is not just a characteristic of the games themselves, but it changes the way in which players interact, experience and enjoy them ”, she stated.

Undoubtedly, these types of options are essential for the gambling industry to adapt to the new times and offer different innovations, beyond slots or poker. Currently users are always hungry for innovations and this type of game allows the arrival of new players. As long as the industry continues to innovate in the different options they present. Everyone wins.

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