UK Online Gambling Audience reached 29 Million in Social Networks



Online gambling industry audience in the social networks in UK reached 29 millions

Comscore, an American global media measurement and analytics company, published its ranking of the top social sites by engagement in the Gambling and Lottery category in the UK on Monday.

The report is based on data from January 2023, when the industry's audience reached 29 million on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, resulting in 15.5 million cross-platform actions.

UK Online Gambling Audience in Social Networks in 2023

From online betting and casino games to national lotteries and sports betting, gambling and lotteries are an important part of the UK entertainment and leisure industry, says the firm, which provides marketing data and analytics to businesses; media and advertising agencies; brand marketers and publishers.

Comscore noted that despite any challenges, the industry remains popular and continues to grow, "many people are enjoying the entertainment and excitement it provides."

The company's ranking of the top 10 gambling and lottery establishments in the UK as of January 2023 is led by LiveScore, followed by Paddy Power, PokerStars, bet365 and Sky Bet in the top 5 companies.

LiveScore ranked first with over 13 million cross-platform activities with an audience of 4,212,946 subscribers. Paddy Power, who came in second in terms of engagement, completed 1,114,716 actions.

Gambling sector brought the UK economy over $8.4 billion GVA in 2022

The Department for Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS) has estimated that the gambling sector generated £7.05bn or $8.4bn in gross value added (GVA) goods and services for the UK economy in 2022.

The Economic Assessment Report presents studies by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the sectors covered by the department.

The report provides data for all sectors managed by the DCMS, with the exception of tourism. These include civil society, creative industries, culture, gambling and sports.

All sectors of the DCMS, with the exception of tourism and digital, the latter of which was transferred to another department in the latest government restructuring, generated a GVA of £161bn.

Gaming in the UK had the lowest percentage of GVA at £7.04bn compared to £16bn from culture, sports and civil society and £120bn from the creative sectors, which contain the widest range of sub-sectors.

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