Lucky Hero (Zitro)
Play for Free Lucky Hero Bingo Online by Zitro
Lucky Hero Bingo by Zitro

Lucky Hero Bingo Online by Zitro

The Lucky Hero online bingo game developed by Zitro Interactive has a superhero theme and a playing field with four cards that have 15 numbers on each arranged in three rows. In the game there are fifteen ways to create winning combinations and each pattern is displayed at the top of the screen, a bonus round, an Extraball mode with 9 additional spins, and a Z ball that can appear randomly and acts like a wildcard to replace any missing number in a possible line of prizes.

Game Information
Developer Zitro
Games played 85
Game Rating

Bonus Game Extraball and Jackpot

Once the balls have been marked off of your cards you might get the opportunity to participate in the extraball round with eleven additional balls that can create more winning combinations. You will have the opportunity to draw 11 additional balls for an additional bet and during this round the Z ball function can be randomly activated, this lets you select any number in a prize line.

If you are playing for real money you also have the opportunity to win the jackpot by crossing all the numbers off on a card, with the first thirty balls.

Process of the game

At the beginning of the game you can choose the amount of your bet from 4 to 80 credits, select the value of the coin and decide to play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 cards to play with. If you want to change the combination of numbers on each card simply press the crossed arrows button when you open the settings menu.

To released the numbered balls click on the Play button with a large arrow on the right hand side of the screen or you can use the auto play function to automatically draw the balls. After pressing one of these buttons the balls will be released and the matching numbers on your playing cards are automatically crossed out. There are 15 ways to obtain prizes that are shown in the payment table at the top of the screen, the maximum payment is obtained when all the numbers on a playing card have been marked off.

Control Panel

To access the control panel, click on the button with the arrow above the word Jackpot, which opens a drop-down menu where the game configurations can be made. The button in the shape of a gear allows to open an additional window where you can set the amount of the bet from 4 to 80 credits, as well as determine the value of the coin and the number of cards that will participate in the game.

In the Settings tab you can select the speed of the balls, turn the sound on or off and see information about the rules and functions of the game. The crossed arrows found on the control panel will change the combinations of the numbers on the cards. At the bottom of the screen you can see the amount won, the amount of your bet, the number of credits, your bank balance, and in the left hand corner the amount of the Jackpot which is only available when you play for real money.