Blackjack Professional High Roller (NetEnt)
Play Online for Free Blackjack Professional High Roller Slot by NetEnt
Blackjack Professional High Roller Slot by NetEnt

Blackjack Professional High Roller Game by NetEnt

Blackjack Professional High Roller is an online version of the traditional blackjack card game by NetEnt. The game is played with four standard decks of 52 cards without jokers. You can play three hands, while making two bets on each.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer NetEnt
Games played 34
Game Rating

Gameplay in Blackjack

First of all, let's consider the principles of the game, then move on to the very interface of Blackjack Professional High Roller. So, your goal is to beat the dealer. The number of points in your hand must be larger that the dealer's, yet at the same time less than or equal to 21 points. If you get more than that amount, you lose and your bet goes to the dealer. If both of you have an equal number of points, it's a draw (a "push") — the bets remain in place.

The dealer deals out two cards for each hand and two to themselves. Your cards are face up. The dealer has one card face up and the other one is face down. You calculate the number of points in your hand (or in several hands) and estimate what is on his card. Depending on this, you make your decision.

You can draw more cards in order to reach 21 points. Another option is to stop drawing ("hitting") if you believe that the risk to overdraw (to "bust") is too high. Once you make up your mind, the dealer turns over their card and announces the results.

Worth of cards:

  • Cards from two to ten are equal to their actual value
  • Kings, Queens and Jacks are valued at 10 points each
  • Aces may be worth either 1 or 11 points — always in your favour, so that there is no bust
  • Blackjack is a combination of an Ace and a King (or a Queen, or a Jack), which is worth 21 points

How to play Blackjack Professional High Roller

While loading Blackjack Professional High Roller, you will see a screen with a green game table on it. There are three sectors that look like playing cards and next to them, around the circle is the Jack of Spades. Buttons and info blocks are found at the bottom of the screen.

Chips with denominations of 5 to 50 game coins are seen in the bottom right corner. Click any of them to select the bet's value. Then click the box — a sector that looks like a playing card. A chip will appear to show your bet. You can click it several times to make it bigger.

The NetEnt version prompts you to place an additional bet in Double Jack. It wins if you get a Jack as the first card during the deal, or two Jacks. In order to activate it, click the circle with a Jack of Spades next to the box. The amount of the bet in Double Jack cannot exceed the main bet.

If the free demo of the Blackjack Professional High Roller game just is not enough, there is always that additional option in fully licensed online casinos to play for real money and obtain real payouts.

Payouts for bets

Payouts can be viewed when you point the cursor to the Min/Max chart found at the top of the table. This is how bets in Blackjack Professional High Roller pay:

  • 1 to 1 is a win on the main bet, i.e. you get the dealer's bet. Suppose the bet is 1 credit, then you gain 2 credits
  • 3 to 2 is paid if you get a Blackjack
  • You earn 100 to 1 by betting Double Jack and getting a pair of Jacks of Spades in your hand
  • Double Jack awards you 25 to 1 if you have a pair of any Jacks in your hand
  • 10 to 1 is paid in Double Jack if you have 1 Jack

Game operations

Once the bets have been placed, click Deal in order to start the dealing of cards. The dealer deals 2 cards each. A square with the amount of points appears next to them. 2 to 4 buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, depending on the capabilities that your cards have.

  • Hit — click this button if you believe that you must draw more cards to reach 21 points
  • Stand — click this button if you want to stop drawing
  • Double — doubles your bet
  • Insurance — if the dealer has an Ace open, you can "insure" yourself against a Blackjack. This bet costs half of your original bet. If the dealer gets a Blackjack, you get the winnings equivalent to your full original bet. If the dealer does not get a Blackjack, the bet is gone and the result of the round is determined by a normal comparison of the hands. Click Yes or No to accept or decline the insurance
  • Even Money is when the dealer has an Ace face up and you have a Blackjack, this is when you are offered to claim the winnings of 1 to 1
  • Split is when you have two cards of the same value, then they can be split into two hands with the same bet on each
  • Re-bet is what you click at the end of the round in order to repeat your previous bet
  • New bet is what you click in order to remove all bets and cards from the table and place a new bet. After this you click Deal again

Blackjack Professional High Roller by NetEnt is a game of fairly high quality with a user-friendly interface and convenient rules. Blackjack is simple and lets you make fairly steady winnings.