How to play Wild Sevens

The panel in Wild Sevens is as simple as the rules of this video poker game. You will find the Bet section on the left and the +/- buttons on the right. By using them you have to place your bet prior to starting the game. You have a total of seven options available. Your bet value can range between 1 to 50 virtual coins. The payout for winning combinations will change depending on the value that you have set in the Bet section. You can earn up to 150,000 coins with the maximum bet of 500 in-game coins for a Royal Flush. By the way, you can place this kind of bet with a single click on the Bet Max button.

Once you have made your selection, click on the card dealing button (the tick in the right corner of the control panel). You will be dealt five cards. You will have to evaluate which cards can comprise a winning combination. The slot lets you hold the card by clicking on the card or on the button with a key icon. A padlock will be displayed above each card, which means that it will be held until the next deal.

If you have come up with the winning set right away, during the first deal, the cards will be held automatically. All sevens that have landed will be held by default. After the first deal you should click on the button one more time. You will get some new cards, which will comprise the final combinations for this round, after which the winnings will be calculated.

The control panel contains the scoreboard divided in two: Credit and Winning. The former displays the amount of credits available to you. The latter indicates your winnings if the dealing was successful. All credits are in-game units, and the slot's version featured on our website is available for free for introductory purposes only. The upper right side of the game screen contains a little gear icon that lets you set the game's individual values, such as: Automatic dealing and a Quick game.

The role that sevens play

The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards. At the same time the seven acts as the Joker symbol. It substitutes for any cards missing in a winning combo. The rules of the game are simple, yet you will feel more comfortable if you learn the poker hands before the game begins.

Symbols and multipliers in Wild Sevens

Wild Sevens features almost all combinations used in a classical poker game. They include:

  • Royal Flush (Straight Flush from Ten to Ace), which pays 300 to 150,000 coins
  • Four Sevens pay 100 to 50,000
  • Wild Royal Flush (a combination with a Joker) pays 30 to 15,000
  • Five (four cards of the same rank plus Joker) pays 20 to 10,000
  • Straight Flush (Five cards in a sequence, all in the same suit) pays 10 to 5,000
  • Four of a kind (quads) pays 4 to 2,000
  • Full House (three of a kind with a pair) pays 4 to 2,000
  • Flush (any five cards of the same suit, but not in a sequence) pays 3 to 1,500
  • Straight (five cards in a sequence, but not of the same suit) pays 2 to 1,000
  • Three of a Kind (three cards of the same rank) pays 1 to 500 in-game coins

This slot features no Two Pair or Pair poker combinations. You can access the complete rules of the game by clicking on the "I" button. An interactive paytable is displayed at the top of the screen at all times.

Wild Sevens by Playson is distinguished for its neon design. The slot's appearance resembles a cabin of a spaceship with controls. You can disable the sound effects by clicking on the speaker icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The sound effects are not typical for a card game, yet they fully correspond to the graphics. Video poker fans can get interested by the ingenuity and huge paybacks in the real money game.