The Game Principles of the All Aces Poker Video Slot

To start the game, select the number of coins for the bet per  round. You can do it by using the Bet One button. You can place from 1 to 5 coins per round. After that, set the coin value using the –/+ buttons. It varies from 0.25 to 5 credits. Initially, the coin value is 0.25 credits.

To start the game, click the Deal button. Bet Max – increases the number of coins to the maximum and starts the round. To credit the win to your balance, click the Collect button. To activate the double-up, find the Double button (it is active only after win).

Information sections:

  • Coins – the number of coins placed
  • Bet – the bet size in credits
  • Win – the current award
  • Demo Credits – the information about your balance in credits

Additional buttons:

  • Help – opens the section in which all the game rules are described in detail
  • Options – this button is not active in the demo version of All Aces Poker

A loudspeaker icon is found in the top right corner – clicking on it turns all sound effects off.

Combinations and payouts of the All Aces Poker slot

To get a reward, you need to complete a winning combination of playing cards. In each new round, you can hold one or all five cards. To do this, click on one of the cards – the word Held will appear on the held card. In the next hand, these cards will remain in the screen, and new ones will land instead of not held ones. Note that every second hand is free of charge, this means that credits are not deducted from your account. To play it, click the Draw button. This button appears instead of the Deal.

In each round, the slot automatically selects the most suitable cards to form a combination and freezes them on the screen. They are marked with the word Held. To cancel this choice, click on these cards.

A list of all combinations and payouts for their formation are found below. All awards are listed in coins with the maximum bet:

  • JACKS or Better – 5 (a pair of identical cards –Jacks and those of a higher rank)
  • 2 PAIR – 5 (two pairs of identical cards of any denomination)
  • 3 of a KIND – 15 (three identical cards)
  • STRAIGHT – 20 (five consecutive cards)
  • FLUSH – 25 (five cards of the same suit)
  • FULL HOUSE – 35 (three and two identical cards)
  • 4 of a KIND (5's through K's) – 250 (four identical cards from 5 to K)
  • 4 of a KIND (2-4) – 500 (four identical cards from 2 to 4)
  • 4 ACES – 2,000 (four Aces)
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH – 300 (five consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • ROYAL FLUSH – 4,000 (five consecutive cards of the same suit from 10 to A)

Gamble Round

Every time you catch a winning combination, you can play the double-up. To activate it, click the Double button. In the opened window you will see five cards, one of which is face up. You need to choose one of the four cards face down. To do this, click on it. If it is higher by its value than the card face up, you win.

Before every guess, you can collect your win. You can do it by using the Collect button. You can also continue the risk game, but in this case you cannot collect your awards. If during the risk game you have chosen a card of the same value as the face-up one, then the draw is declared.


All Aces Poker by Microgaming is a version of the popular poker card game. You can form 11 different combinations. In the demo version of the game, you are credited with 2,000 credits every time the webpage is reloaded. The game will appeal to both beginners and professionals alike. NeonSlots have tried out all the free to play demos of online casinos (a thankless task, of course) but nothing compares to the thrill of their respective full versions when you play for real money.