Joker Wild (NetEnt)
Joker Wild Online VideoPoker Game
Joker Wild VideoPoker Game

Joker Wild VideoPoker by Net-Ent Review

Joker Wild is a video poker where you can play 25 hands for free in its demo version available at NeonSlots. The game has five bet levels and a gambling round to double-up the winnings. The video poker involves 53 cards - a usual deck plus a joker Wild card.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Features Gamble Round
Developer NetEnt
Games played 69
Game Rating
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Joker Wild Gameplay

Video poker Joker Wild has the interface with many settings. The side of the screen is the paytable of winning combinations. If one hand is played, the table is duplicated at the top of the screen showing payouts for the corresponding bet levels. If five or more hands are played, the top table disappears and cards appear in its place.

Control buttons and information windows are found at the bottom of the screen. Below is their list, from left to right:

  • Bet - a window that displays the total bet on a spin
  • Win - a window with a win for the current round
  • Coins - the number of coins in your balance
  • Hands - the number of hands
  • Level - the bet level
  • Gamble - activates the gambling game
  • A button with cards - turns the cards over
  • Max Bet – sets the highest bet level and turns the cards over
  • Coin Value - denomination (the coin value)

Setting the Bet

To adjust the bet per round in the Joker Wild video poker, you need to change three options:

  • Hands - the number of hands. Use the arrows on the sides of the button to set from 1 to 25 hands
  • Level - the bet level, the same buttons adjust this figure from 1 to 5. When you select a level, the payout for a combination is displayed in the paytable
  • Coin Value - sets the ratio of coins and credits. One coin contains from 0.10 to 10 credits

Going through the Round

After selecting a bet, click the central green button with cards. After the click, it will turn blue and cards on the screen will turn over. If you hit the Hold button found under the cards, they will remain fixed.

Clicking the blue button again will reveal the cards on the screen - all but the fixed ones. If a combination is a winning one, the button becomes yellow and shows the image of a money bag. You have to click it to add the coins to your balance and continue the game.

Symbols and Multipliers in Joker Wild Video Poker

Videopoker Joker Wild is a free to play version of poker by NetEnt. It allows you to play 25 hands simultaneously and increase the prizes in the gambling round. Below is a list of payouts based on the maximum bet. Joker Wild video poker awards you for the following combinations:

  • Natural royal flush - a set of cards from Ace to Ten of the same suit without the Joker
  • Five of a kind - four cards of the same value and the Joker
  • Royal straight flush - a set of cards from Ace to Ten of the same suit with the Joker
  • Straight flush - a combination of five cards of the same suit (for example, from Five to Nine)
  • Four of a kind - four cards of the same value
  • Full house - three cards of the same value and two cards of the other (for example, three Jacks and two Tens)
  • Flush - five cards of one suit
  • Straight - five sequential cards of any suit
  • Three of a kind - three cards of the same value
  • Two pair - for example, two Aces and two Nines
  • Kings or better - a pair of Kings or Aces or an Ace/King with a Joker

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Gambling Round

Every winning combination allows you to increase the prize two or more times. To do this, click Gamble. Five cards face up appear on the screen. During the round, each of them shows the size of the possible prize. You need to guess what colour the card is and click the corresponding button, Red or Black.

If the guess is correct, the prize is doubled and you can reveal the next card. You have five attempts in total. If not, then your winnings are zeroed. The Collect button allows you to pick up the reward without risking it.