American Poker II (Novomatic)
American Poker II Online
American Poker II Game

VideoPoker Game American Poker 2 by Greentube

Created by Greentube developers Greentube, American Poker II, is an online video poker game which uses one standard deck of 52 playing cards and one Joker. You can play this videopoker for free at NeonSlots. There is a double or nothing round available after every successful hand and an increasing mini bonus.

Game Information
Type Video Poker
Features Bonus Game, Gamble Round
Developer Greentube
Games played 4,494
Game Rating
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Symbols and Multipliers

The different types of winning hands that you can create in American Poker II developed by Greentube are:

  • 5 of a Kind - four cards of the same number/rank and the joker
  • Royal Flush - a straight (sequence) of 10, J, Q, K & A of the same suit
  • Straight Flush - a straight of five cards of the same suit
  • Four of a Kind - four cards of the same number/rank
  • Full House - three cards of the same number/rank and a pair
  • Flush - five cards of the same suit (not consecutive)
  • Straight - five consecutive cards of different suits
  • Three of a Kind - three cards of the same rank/number
  • Two Pair - two different pairs
  • MiniBonus (Jacks or Better) - see full description below

The payout amounts appear in the paytable directly above the reels and change according to the bet amount.

Mini Bonus

The Mini bonus amount is increased every time “Jacks or Better” appear in your hand and the amount depends on the previously selected bet. “Jacks or Better” means a combination of either two Jacks, two Queens, two Kings or two Aces. After you have had a random number of “Jacks or Better” hits, the displayed Mini bonus is paid, but only after you have bet on a 2nd round of the current hand.

Double or Nothing Game

When a winning combination lands, at the bottom of the screen you will see the amount that you have won. In the paytable area on the left you will see the back of a playing card which flickers between red and blue. On the right you will see a list of numbers which are the amounts for doubling your bet, starting with the lowest and going up to the highest at the top. Depending on how much you won during the main game, the number of times you have to double your winnings to reach the top can be as many as 8 or as few as 2. The payout amount at the top of the scale will also change depending on your winning amount in the main game. You now have a choice, whether to collect your winnings or risk them in the Double or Nothing game. If you wish to try and double your winning amount, then choose either Red or Black by clicking on the appropriate button in the control panel. If you are successful then you can continue as each successful guess will move you one step up the pay ladder on the right hand side of the paytable area. However, one wrong guess will clear all your winnings and return you to the main game. You can collect your winnings at anytime by clicking on the Take button.

How to Play the Game

The main playing screen has a blue background and the paytable is displayed in the top section. After setting your bet, you can click on the draw button and five cards will appear in the main playing area. Depending on what cards appear you can hold some, by clicking on them, and exchange the rest which will deduct a second bet from your balance. The machine itself highlights any cards that can create combinations after your first draw, and you can choose whether or not to hold them. After the second draw the round is finished and you will need to start a new one. If you do not hold any cards in the first round, then the next time you click on draw, a new game will start. You can learn more about video poker games at NeonSlots and play for free online with no download.

Buttons and Controls

Depending on which country or device you are playing from, you will see two different versions of this Gaminator online game. One has a menu box which opens the settings for the game and the other has a control panel beneath the reels.

Reality Check - this new feature from Greentube is available on the html5 version of this videopoker and is a great way for you to monitor the time you spend playing. You can set it to interrupt your game after a certain time has passed and it will give you the statistics of your game play. It will show you the length of time you have been playing, how much you have bet and any winnings you have received. You can also view your account history. Once you have read the information, click on continue to carry on playing the game or press the stop button to close the game.

Most of the controls and information about the game is located in the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Winning amounts and messages appear in the box directly below the reels. Underneath this you will see:

  • Account - displays your balance in credits
  • Bet - shows your bet per draw and can be adjusted using the - and + buttons
  • Rules - opens the rules and other game information
  • Draw - deals the cards

During game play you will also see a few additional buttons on the control panel:

  • Hold none - click here to cancel the cards that are held
  • Exchange - click here to replace the unheld cards with new ones (note this will deduct an additional bet from your balance)

In the top left corner click on Top Up and Pay In, to add credits to your account. In the middle of the top of the screen is a reel spin counter which increases every time you spin the reels. In the top right corner of the screen you will see the Exit button, click on this if you wish to leave the game. The help button, opens a detailed description of the game. The box with arrows pointing from the centre to each corner, opens the full-screen mode and the box with arrows pointing from the left and right sides to the middle, will change the screen to widescreen view. The speaker icon switches the sound on or off and the clock displays the current time.