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Bridesmaids Online Slot by Microgaming Review

Play for free the Bridesmaids online with five reels and 40 fixed lines by Microgaming. Appearing in the game window, the Wild symbol occupies the whole reel at once, and the Scatter symbol gives access to one of the four bonus rounds. In each additional round, you are going to get single payouts in credits or free spins.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 4
THEME TV & Films
Features Freespins, Bonus Game, Jackpot
Developer Microgaming
Lines 40
Reels 5
Games played 41
Game Rating
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Bridesmaids Bonus Game and Free Spins

By collecting three, four or five Scatter symbols, you earn the win in credits, after which a new window with the Wheel Bonus opens. The wheel is subdivided into 15 sectors – a part of them display bonus rounds, another part shows multipliers for payouts and one sector is reserved for the jackpot. Four cakes are found to the right, and one of them should be selected. A bonus is hidden behind it:

  • A pink bonus raises all pink multipliers
  • A blue bonus raises all blue multipliers
  • Pink and blue bonuses raise all multipliers on the wheel
  • Two additional sectors will appear on the wheel and you will be able to win several bonuses

If the wheel stops at a sector with a multiplier, you earn a payout equal to the total bet, multiplied by the gained multiplier and return to the main game. The jackpot size depends on the number of Scatter symbols. The remaining sectors of the wheel grant access to one of the four bonus rounds of the Bridesmaids slot machine.

In the Friendship round, you earn 10 free spins. The feature of this bonus is that winning combinations are counted in both directions and symbols with portraits become "accumulating", occupying all four boxes on the reel.

  • Annie appears on the first and second reels
  • Lillian – appears on the third reel and is counted as the Wild symbol for Annie and Helen
  • Helen – lands on the fourth and fifth reels

Once you collect from three to five Scatter symbols, you will get an additional 10 free spins and will continue to participate in the Friendship bonus round.

In the Flying High round, you also earn 10 free spins. All winning combinations pay you a reward in credits, and then they are replaced with new symbols in the game window. The appearance of new symbols occurs while winning combinations are formed. With each re-spin, the Wild symbol occupies one box more, beginning with 4 symbols and going up to 13. You cannot earn extra free spins in the Flying High round.

In the Boutique Bonus round, you have to open boxes and look for matching symbols. There are 12 boxes in total. The round continues until two identical symbols are found. For them, you get a one-time payout in credits, multiplied by the total bet. After that, the round is over.

In the Magic Moments round, 10 photo cards appear in front of you. Your task is to reveal each of them in order to earn a payout. Its size is determined randomly. All displayed rewards are already multiplied by the total bet. The bonus round continues until a photo with a carrot and the words "I'm Sorry" appears. After that, the amount of your win is credited to your account and you return to the main window.

Symbols and multipliers of the Bridesmaids slot machine

Symbols of the Bridesmaids movie-themed slot are subdivided into two categories according to their payouts and additional features. The latter includes both Wild and Scatter symbols. All symbols and their payouts are mentioned in the paytable – Pays.

The Wild symbol shows the game logo and the main characters of the slot machine. Appearing along a line, it replaces the missing symbols to form a combination. If a combination is already formed and the Wild symbol lands on the next reel, one more symbol will be added to it.

If the Wild symbol covers the whole reel it increases your chances of landing a winning combination. In cases when the Wild symbol appears starting with the first reel and there is no higher-paying combination, it earns you a win in credits. When playing with the maximum Bet values, three, four and five Wild symbols will earn you:

  • 3 logos – 150 credits
  • 4 logos – 360 credits
  • 5 logos – 900 credits

The Scatter symbol is a cake with a flower. Once you land three, four or five Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you earn a payout in credits (it depends on the total bet) and gain access to the Wheel Bonus. When playing with the maximum bet per line and the highest coin value, you will get:

  • For 2 Scatters – 60 credits
  • 3 Scatters – 60 credits
  • 4 Scatters – 600 credits
  • 5 Scatters – 6,000 credits

Among regular symbols, playing card suits earn you the smallest prizes. Having collected three, four or five symbols of the same suit along a line, you will get 7.50, 60 or 240 credits.

Symbols with portraits of the main Bridesmaids characters appear in the game window in three ways – two different pictures, occupying one box on the reel and a waist portrait that occupies two boxes on the reel. With the maximum bet three, four or five identical portraits along a line will pay:

  • Becca, Rita and Megan – 15, 120 and 300 credits
  • Helen and Annie – 30, 240 and 450
  • Lillian – 60, 240 and 750

How to Play the Bridesmaids Online Slot

When loading a demo version of the Bridesmaids slot by Microgaming, 2,000 credits are added to your account. The coins, another virtual currency, are used to place a bet per line. To change the cost of one coin, just open the Bet menu and select the value from 0.01 to 0.1 credits in the Coin Size section.

The bet per line in coins varies from 1 to 15 and is changed in the Coins section, which is found in the Bet menu. In credits, you can adjust it directly in the Bet window using the –/+ buttons.

Since all 40 paylines of the Bridesmaids slot machine are fixed, there are no buttons for controlling them. All 40 lines take part in every spin.

Identical symbols pay you a prize if they are along the same line and on neighbouring reels. An important condition for earning a payout is to land symbols starting with the first reel. When several winning combinations appear along a line, only the highest-paying of them awards you. Rewards for all game symbols are indicated in the paytable that opens when you click the Pays button. It should be noted that payouts are listed in credits and vary as the bet changes.

To launch a single spin of the reels, simply click the Spin button. After the end of a spin, the wins from all lines will be added up and credited to your account. The payout size is displayed in the Win section. The Auto Play option – auto spins of the reels – is also available. Clicking the Auto Play button opens a menu with several options:

  • 10х, 25х, 50х and 100х – the number of auto spins
  • Until Stop – the spins will stop after clicking the Stop button
  • Custom – the user settings of auto spins

When you select the Custom item, another menu with additional settings opens. First, the number of auto spins can be from 5 to 500. Secondly, the special conditions for stopping Auto Play are:

  • Stop when all spins are complete – the reels will stop when the selected number of spins is over
  • Stop if win exceeds or equals – stop the reels if the win is equal to or exceeds the specified number

After this configuration, when you click the Save and Close button, the changes you made are saved, but auto spins will not start. If you click the Start button, the Auto Play starts with the previously selected Bet settings or settings by default.

Advanced settings

In the Options menu of user settings, you can change the visual and sound effects of the Bridesmaids slot:

  • The QuickSpin option reduces the time of reel spins
  • QuickSpin in free spins – applies this feature to bonus rounds with free spins
  • Switch off character Pop-Ups – disables animation of symbols with portraits of bridesmaids

In the Graphic Settings section, you can choose the graphics quality. With a slow Internet connection speed, the Basic option is optimal You can find all the sound parameters of the online slot in the Sound Settings section.