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European Roulette by NetEnt online

The Roulette game is a digital version of a classical casino table game by NetEnt that follows the rules of European roulette as is available to play free at The spinning wheel has 37 sectors, 36 of which are red and black and numbered 1 to 36 and one is green with the number zero. On the virtual table of the game screen you place straight (inside) bets on the numbers, outside bets and a number of call bets presented in an additional table.

Game Information
Type European Roulette
Developer NetEnt
Games played 3,610
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How to Play the Roulette Game

When you load a free version of European Roulette by NetEnt at the NeonSlots website, you'll automatically get 5,000 credits for placing bets during gameplay. Choose the value of the chip you want to place in one of the layout's bet positions. In the bottom right corner of the screen you can see the available denominations - 0.10, 0.50, 1 and 10. At the start you will only see on the layout, chips with values of 0.10, 0.50 and 1. Arrows '<' and '>' are found on both sides. Click on them to see what denominations are available for the game. You may place chips worth a total of 50 credits on the layout. There is a specific limit for every type of bet:

  • You can stake up to 1 credit on a precise number
  • Additional bet positions with the 1:2 odds of hitting them allow you to place up to 20 credits
  • Bet positions with the 1:1 probability of the right guess offer up to 50 credits

If you've chosen a 10-credit chip and tried to place it in the square with a number, the maximum bet of 1 credit will be placed on that number automatically. Once you've placed the stakes on the layout, you can cancel them by clicking Clear Bet. This option will take away all the chips which have been placed on bet positions and additional fields. After applying the option you can make new stakes. You can get the wheel spinning in three ways:

  • The Spin button activates a single spin
  • The Quick Spin starts up an accelerated spin with simplified animation
  • The Auto button you can see on the bottom line of the screen (not immediately obvious) will produce a session of consecutive spins at a fixed bet

When the spins run out, you can remove the stakes from the layout and place your chips again. You can also repeat your previous bet by clicking Same Bet. The clicking restores the previous bet but doesn't send the roulette wheel spinning. You can add chips to other positions on the table before launching a new spin.

The object of the game is to guess the sector of the roulette wheel where the spinning ball will end up. The more precise your predictions, the larger the payout for your bet. If you get the winning figure right, it pays 35 to 1. The simpler the choice (red or black, even or odd), the smaller the payout. So, if the chance of guessing is 50%, you win 1:1.


When choosing the auto-game mode, you should place a bet on one or several positions of the game window as in a usual session. After that you have to click Auto. When you click the button, a pop-up window appears offering you to choose the length of the series of roulette auto-spins (15 to 1,000). You can set up additional terms for the auto-mode. To do that, you need to click the Advanced Settings line. A window will open where you can see options such as:

  • On any win - interrupting the round after the first winning spin
  • If single win exceeds - bringing the spins to a stop if the win for a single spin reaches your specified number
  • If cash increases/decreases by - finishing the auto-game if the sum on the account has increased/decreased to the limit you have set

In order to stop auto-spins at any time, click the Stop button in the open window of the auto-game which shows a countdown of remaining spins.

Roulette Bets and Payouts

The Roulette digital table game by NetEnt offers several types of bets:

  • Table - inside and outside
  • Cold and hot
  • Call (announced) bets
  • Racetrack bets

Each type has its own special features such as limits, ways of making bets and receiving payouts if you have won. For this reason, let us take a closer look at each item in this list.

Table Bets in the Roulette Game

Table bets are those which are placed directly on the layout of the existing table. Click the left button of the mouse to put the chips in the position of your choice. They include:

  • Inside bets - when chips are placed on one or several numbered bet positions of the table or on the lines between the bet positions. These include:
    • Straight - a bet on a single number. It pays out at 35 to 1
    • Split - the chip is put on the line between two adjoining bet positions. The payout is 17:1
    • Three line - a bet on three numbers in a row. The payout is 11:1
    • Corner - a bet on 4 numbers. The payout is 8:1
    • Six line - two bets of Three lines. The payout is 5:1
  • You can place outside bets on fields found to the right of and under numbered squares. These include:
    • Left, Middle, Right (columns) - a bet on a row of numbers in the first, second or third line. It pays 2:1
    • 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12 (dozens) - a bet on the first, second or third 12 numbers provided in the table. It pays 2:1
    • High/Low (19-36 and 1-18) - a bet on the first or second half of the table (low or high numbers). This one pays out 1:1
    • Red/black, even/odd - the chips are placed on the designated coloured red or black areas or on the words even/odd. This one pays out 1:1

Cold and hot stakes

To the left of the game screen you can see a window which shows:

  • Hot numbers (the odds of hitting them in the next spin are high)
  • Cold numbers (the odds of hitting these numbers are low)
  • The percentage scale of the odds of hitting a red or black sector
  • The scale of the odds of hitting an even or odd number

You can place the chips on the layout by clicking Hot/Cold Numbers. The chips will automatically appear in the respective areas of the table.

Called bets

Called bets - the bets that you can make by opening the Special Bets chart. The button is found to the left of the game screen, above the window showing cold and hot stakes. A pop-up window displays the names of extra bets that you can make. The called bets include:

  • Red/Black Splits - seven split bets on the neighbour areas coloured red or black. The payout is 17:1
  • Finale Plein (Finals bets) 0–9 - bets on numbers whose last digits are 0, 1, 2 etc. For example, when choosing a Finale 5 Plein bet, you place the chips on all numbers that end in the digit 'five': 5, 15, 25 and 35. Payout: 35:1
  • Orphelin Plein - a bet on two sectors of the Roulette wheel - Single bet on 1 and split bets on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, 31/34. It pays 35:1
  • Les Voisins du zero - chips are placed on the neighbouring numbers to the zero sector of the Roulette wheel. It pays 35:1
  • Finale Cheval/Plein - double bets placed on the splits and numbers ending with a certain digit. As an example: 5/6, 15/16, 25/26 and 35/36. Payouts: for Plein - 35:1, for Cheval (split) - 17:1
  • Finale Cheval 0/3–9/12 - bets on the splits with a payout of 17:1

Turn over the pages using 'right' and 'left' arrows when you need to select a value.

Racetrack bets

Stakes placed on straight numbers that are next to each other on the roulette's wheel, are called racetrack bets. They include:

  • Serie 0/2/3 - a Three line bet on numbers 0, 2 and 3 and split bets on 4/7, 12/15, 18/21, 29/22, 25/28, 26/29 and 32/35. The payout is given for the best betting outcome: 11:1 for Three line and 17:1 for split
  • Serie 5/8 - a series of split bets on numbers 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30 and 33/36. The payout is 17:1
  • ORPH - a series of 5 bets, including one that is placed on number 1, and 4 split bets on 6/9, 14/17, 17/20 and 31/34. The payout is given for the best result: 35:1 for a bet on a number, 17:1 for a split bet
  • ZERO - a series of 4 stakes, including one that is placed on number 26 and the other three are split bets 0/3, 12/15 and 32/35. Payout: 35:1 for a straight number, 17:1 for splits
  • Neighbours - a bet on three numbers, found next to each other on the roulette wheel. It pays 35:1

Free Roulette Game Online

The Roulette digital table game by NetEnt is identical to the traditional European roulette table game in casinos that you can play for free at The online roulette game has a number of pros and cons. The following advantages should be noted:

  • Simple controls
  • A wide betting range
  • An opportunity to activate the auto-mode of spins
  • Design and sound effects (you can set them up yourself)

Disadvantages include:

  • Rather low limits in the demo-version
  • The excessively wide range of bets could be overwhelming for beginners

This means the Roulette game is aimed at skilled players. However, high-rollers will find the betting range too low. The total value of chips you can put on the table must not exceed 50 credits. If you want to play the NetEnt Roulette for real stakes, the application is available on the websites of legan an licensed online casinos presented at NeonSlots. If you prefer to improve your skills playing for fun, discover our collection of free online roulette games.