Buster Blackjack (Felt Gaming)
Buster Blackjack Online Game
Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack by Felt Gaming

Felt Gaming developed casino table game Buster Blackjack with 7 additional side bets with a maximum payout ratio of 2,000 to 1 to increase the chances of getting a win. The maximum payout for regular blackjack hands is 3 to 2 for a Blackjack and 2 to 1 for Insurance Bets. The minimum bet is 0.10 and the maximum 100 and you can play up to 3 hands in every round of the game.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer Felt Gaming
Games played 69
Game Rating
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How to Play Buster Blackjack

You need to choose a chip value from 0.10 to 1K and place it in the circular betting areas in front of the 3 playing areas on the table, in this game that you can play for free. You can then place any side bets that you wish and hit the large green play button to deal the cards. Once your cards have been revealed you can choose to stand or add additional cards via the hit button. After the dealers hand has been played any winnings will be credited to your balance and you can start another round with the same bets, two times the bet amount or clear the table and make new bets.