Atlantic City Blackjack (Microgaming)
Atlantic City Blackjack Online Game
Atlantic City Blackjack Game

Atlantic City Blackjack Online Game by Microgaming

Atlantic City Blackjack is an online version of a popular card game Blackjack developed by Microgaming that you can play for free at NeonSlots. The game is played with eight standard 52-card decks. You play against the virtual dealer. The Blackjack hand (an Ace with any 10-point card) is the highest-paying one.

Game Information
Type Blackjack
Developer Microgaming
Games played 163
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How to Play Atlantic City Blackjack

You get 100,000 credits to play when you launch the Atlantic City Blackjack demo version by Microgaming. Your task is to draw a winning hand each round. Your hand should have 21 points in the best case. Of course, you can have less than 21, the only winning condition is to have more than the dealer. However, a hand of more than 21 points loses automatically. Each round follows the pattern:

  • You choose a bet in the available betting range provided by chips which are found to the left of the table. The value of a chip varies between 1–200. Use the right and left arrows on the sides of the chip stacks to find the chip of the required value
  • You place the bet by clicking on the game screen of the digital playing table (Click to Place Bet) or by clicking the Rebet button if you have already had a bet in the previous round. You can clear the betting area using the Clear Bets button to place new bets
  • The next step is hitting the Deal button to start the deal. The player and the dealer are dealt 2 cards each. Your cards are face-up, while one of the dealer's cards is face-up and one more is face-down
  • You should assess the card ranks of your hand (you have the number of points hinted to the left of your cards). You have the following options at this stage:
    • Hit to draw one more card
    • Click Stand to keep with your hand
    • Click Double to double up the bet
    • Click Split to split your hand into two separate ones if you have identical cards
    • Click the Surrender button with the white flag to surrender

The round ends automatically if the number of points exceeds 21. Otherwise, you end the round manually by clicking Stand if you have a required number of points. If you get less than 10 points, you are asked to insure the bet (Insurance pop-up window). You can accept the Insurance and pay 0.5 credits or refuse. The Insurance option covers part of your bet if you lose and increases the payout if you win.

Card Combinations and Payouts

Each card has a value in blackjack game. Add card values together to get your total. To understand the automatic calculations made by the game, let's take a look at the card denominations:

  • Jacks, Queens and Kings pay 10 points each
  • Cards with numbers are estimated by their values
  • Ace pays 11 or 1 point depending on the value of the other cards in your hand

So, depending on the number of points scored by the dealer and the player, the round may end up like:

  • You win if your hand has more points than the dealer's card
  • The dealer wins if his hand has more points
  • Equal player's and dealer's hands make up a draw

You lose your bet if you lose. You have your bet back if it's a draw. If you win, the payout depends on the card combination you have:

  • Blackjack — an Ace with a 10-point card This combo pays 3:1 odds
  • Any other winning combo pays 2:1 in the case of insurance
  • Otherwise, a regular combination (including 21 points) pays 1:1. 21-point hand of three or more cards doesn't make a Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack additional features

You can benefit from the Split option. You can split if your hand has two identical cards (say, two Nines) or identical card ranks (say, a King and a Jack, two cards paying the equal number of points). Split divides your hand into two separate ones so that you can complete two combination sets.

You can split twice during one round. It means you can collect four combinations at the same time. Aces are an exception. If you split two Aces at once, you automatically get a card for each hand and the Stand option is enabled. The round moves on to hands comparison.

When playing four hands, you have an additional opportunity to earn a reward. Each hand is compared only with the dealer's one. So, you can have payouts for all four hands in the best case.

Atlantic City Blackjack digital card game is a classic American Blackjack with special options. The Split option lets you overbear the dealer by completing a maximum of 4 combinations. The Insurance option lets you recompense a part of the lost bet or even increase your win. Free demos of the online gambling games are great fun, but fully licensed online casinos games in their full versions allow the added thrill when you select the play for real money option.