Baccarat Gold (Microgaming)
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Baccarat Gold Card Game by Microgaming

Baccarat Gold by Microgaming

Based on the popular casino game, Baccarat Gold created by Microgaming is a version that uses the traditional rules of the game with 2 additional betting options and is provided to play free. You can also see the history of the hands and a roadmap of the gameplay.

Game Information
Type Baccarat
Developer Microgaming
Games played 121
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What is Baccarat?

The object of the game of Baccarat is to predict who will have the winning hand. The winning hand is the one that has a number of points closest to 9 using only 2 or 3 cards. You can bet that the dealer (banker) or you (player) will have the winning hand, or that they will be tied. The points are calculated as follows:

  • Number cards use their values, so a 2 = 2 points and a 5 = 5 points
  • The Ace is 1 point
  • 10, J, Q and K are all 0 points

If the total value of the cards in any hand is more than ten, then 10 points are removed. So if you were dealt with a 7 and a 4 your total would be 11 - 10 = 1.

If you or the banker have 8 or 9 points then a third card cannot be dealt, however in the following situations, a third card will be dealt:

  • To the player, if the hand has 0 to 5 points
  • To the dealer, if the hand has 0 to 5 points and the player has 6 or 7 points
  • To the dealer, in case of different values of the player's third card

Whichever hand has a number of points closest to nine wins.

Bet Types

This game has the 3 traditional baccarat bets as well as 2 additional bets.

Regular Bets:

  • Player - place your bet here if you think that your hand will win
  • Banker - place your bet here if you think that the banker´s hand will win
  • Tie - place your bet here if you think that the result will be a tie

Side Bets:

  • Player Pair - if the first two cards create a pair, for example, a 7 of Spades and a 7 of Hearts
  • Banker Pair - if the first two cards create a pair

You can place bets in as few or as many areas as you like, however you can only place bets on either the banker or the player and not both.

How to Play Baccarat Gold by Microgaming

When this game by Microgaming opens you will see a table with lots of different betting areas on it. On the dealer´s side of the table there are lots of chips, the minimum and maximum bet amounts, the shoe containing the cards and the discard tray where the used cards will be placed. At the bottom of the screen you will see chips with various values 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200.

The first thing you need to do is to place your bets, the minimum bet is 5 and the maximum bet is 500 chips. If you look at the chips you will see that one is moving, this is the chip value that is currently selected. If you wish to use this chip then click on the relevant betting area or click on a different chip value and then place that chip on the relevant betting area of the table. The payouts for the bets are:

Regular Bets

The payouts for regular bets are:

  • Player - winnings are paid 1 to 1
  • Banker - winnings are paid 1 to 1 less a commission that is usually 5%
  • Tie - winnings are paid 8 to 1

Side Bets

The payouts for side bets are:

  • Player Pair and Banker Pair winnings are paid 11 to 1, which means you will receive 11 times your bet

Once you are happy with the bets that you have placed you can use one of the two buttons that appear to the right of the chips to start the gameplay:

  • Deal - deals the cards
  • Clear Bets - removes your chips from the table

The cards are dealt automatically and you can either flip the cards using the mouse or press the squeeze button to turn them over. Any winnings will be added to your balance and the following buttons will appear:

  • Rebet - places the same bet as in the previous hand
  • Rebet x2 - makes double the previous bet

You can also add additional chips and when you are happy with your bets then you can press the deal button or if you want to remove the current bets from the table, you can press the Clear Bets button.

In the bottom left hand corner you can see the results of the previous hands. B is for banker wins, P is for player wins and T is when there was a tie. In the bottom right hand corner you can see a history roadmap of the gameplay. It shows the total hands played, the amount of player wins, banker wins and ties. Both of these popups can be opened and closed using the tab with an arrow on it.

If you want to see the rules of the game then you can click on the word Rules which is on the sign that lists the minimum and maximum betting amounts and confirms that 8 decks of 52 playing cards are used in the game.

At the very bottom of the screen you can see a gold bar that shows your balance, opens the game options and stats. In the top right hand corner of the screen you can see a ? which opens a new table where you can read the detailed rules of the game, a speaker which turns the game sounds on or off and the local time is displayed. Find out more about how to play for real money at online casinos.