Spin Lotto Scratch (Gamevy)
Spin Lotto Scratch Cards Online for Free
Spin Lotto Scratch by Gamenvy

Spin Lotto Scratch

SpinLotto Scratch is a free to play online lottery game where you need to select 5 balls. The game includes a 'lucky star' which can multiply winnings by x1, x2, x3, x5 or x10 or provide additional prizes including free spins. If you hit any other balls that were not chosen, the game is lost, along with the bet. The game will then reset and you are good to go again.

Game Information
Type Scratch
Developer Gamevy
Games played 281
Game Rating
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Getting the Game Started

Spin Lotto Scratch by Gamevy displays the value of your bet on the central button with the inscription 'Play', as well as in a lower panel with the inscription 'Bet'. To start the game, press the 'Play' button located in the centre of the screen. This button will then change to the 'Reveal All' button. You can reveal each ball individually by pressing them one at a time, reveal several at once by sliding the pointer over them, or simply press the 'Reveal All' button to reveal them all instantly. In the upper panel there are 5 balls, you can slide the pointer over the balls to reveal their numbers, the lower panel hides the 5 winning numbers. Press or slide the pointer to see if the numbers from each panel match.

In the lower right hand side of the screen you can see the lucky star, click on this symbol to reveal the multiplier currently available. For example, if 1 number matches its corresponding hidden number you could win an additional free play, if the lucky star multiplier displays X10, you will win an additional 10 free plays. Should all of the numbers on a card match the numbers drawn, the total value of the winnings of those numbers, together with any additional wins from the lucky star multiplier will be displayed during a short, fun, on screen animation and added to your account. If you do not win, you will see a message encouraging you to "Try Again !!" and the central button will change back to being the 'Play' button ready for your next attempt. Pressing the 'Play' button will automatically reset the card to start a new game.

Demo Game vs Real Money Play

The demo game is available for you to play in free mode whereas the full version, which operates under the same principles, allows you to play for real money. The demo version allows you to play with 'virtual game money' and provides an ideal opportunity to sit back and relax with no strings attached, just good, clean fun, getting to know the game and get a 'feel' for how it really works. Having mastered the free to play demos, you may wish to discover how to play for real money at fully licensed casinos to taste the full thrill of the game. Only when playing Spin Lotto Scratch for real money are you able to win real money prizes.