Panda Gold Scratch (Pragmatic Play)
Panda Gold Scratch Card
Panda Gold Scratch Card

Panda Gold Scratch Card by Pragmatic Play Review

Panda Gold is an online scratch card that is free to play at and is themed to Pandas. Developed by Pragmatic Play, you can select up to 50 games and the prizes range from 0.50 to 10,000. Each card has 9 different winning amounts on it and if you reveal 3 that have the same amount then the amount will be transferred to your balance.

Game Information
Type Scratch
Developer Pragmatic Play
Games played 130
Game Rating
Panda Gold Scratch images

Scratch Card Winnings

The developers of Panda Gold, Pragmatic Play have stated that among the total of 1,000,000 scratch cards, you will find the following prizes:

1 10,000
10 1,000
100 100
400 50
950 25
8,250 10
20,000 5
55,000 1
105,000 0.50
150,000 Free play

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How to Play the Panda Gold Scratch Card

When the game launches you can choose how many tickets you would like to buy and play. You can choose between 1 and 50 games and he more you buy the cheaper they are:

  • 1 game = 0.50
  • 5 games = 2.50
  • 10 games = 5.00
  • 25 games = 11.87 (5% saving)
  • 50 games = 22.50 (10% saving)

Once you have selected the number of games, click on the buy now button and your first ticket will be displayed.

To remove the coating, you can click the mouse or move it across the playing area, click on the scratch button or click on the autoplay button and it will automatically load each card and remove the covering.

To see information about the game and winning amounts click on the paytable button. In the top right hand corner of the screen you can click on the cog which opens then game settings where you can adjust the game sounds and see the game history. There is also a speaker that switches the sounds on or off.

The number of remaining tickets is shown in the top right hand corner and at the bottom of the screen you can see the bonus, cash balance, total win and previous win amounts.