Draw Hi Lo (Betsoft)
Draw Hi Lo online by Betsoft
Draw Hi Lo by Betsoft

Draw Hi Lo Online Game by Betsoft

Draw Hi Lo by Betsoft is represented by an online table for playing card games. You will be asked to guess the value of the card that will drop out of the dealer's deck next. You will initially be given one card. You will have to select the denomination of the next one: By clicking on either Lower or Higher. Please keep in mind that the highest-ranking card in the game is the King and the lowest-ranking one is the Ace. The size of your winnings will depend on your bet and the multiplier that corresponds to each of the playing positions. The game offers a wide variety of bets — from 1 to 100 virtual coins.

Game Information
Developer Betsoft
Games played 43
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How to play Draw Hi Lo

You will initially be given 1,000 in-game units in your account to play the Draw Hi Lo card game. Your current balance will be displayed in the Bal window in the lower left corner of the game screen. Right above this window you will see the Bet section that displays the size of your total bet.

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. Bets are placed by using chips. Prior to starting the game you have to select one of the options for the chip value: 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500. The chip with the denomination of 500 in-game units is not available in the free version of the game, this is why the maximum bet can only reach 100. The section where you select the chip value is located on the right side of the game screen.

Once you set the value, the chip has to be placed on the game table. Use the Place Bet button to place your chip. Once these procedures are done, you should have the cards dealt by clicking on the Deal button.

One card will be opened for you right away. Once you evaluate it, you must guess whether the rank of the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one's. Two buttons have been provided for this purpose:

  • Lower — means that the rank of the next card will be lower than the previous one's
  • Higher — means that the rank will be higher

The casino card game online Draw Hi Lo also features an opportunity to place an extra tie bet. When you are sure that the next card will be of the same rank as the previous one, you must select the chip with the value of no higher than 20 virtual units and click on the Tie Bet button on the game screen.

You have the right to claim your winnings at any time by clicking on the Cashout button. To clear all values from the game table once the previous round is over (whether it was successful or not), hit Clear. If you would like to start a new game with the previous bet, use the Repeat button. The dealing will continue until you either lose your winnings or claim them. Your bet for each new prediction will consist of the sum of the rewards for the previous cards that were guessed, unless you have been transferring them to your account.

Low Pays and High Pays info windows will be displaying all possible multipliers throughout the game that will apply if you guess correctly. These values are formed thanks to the game's statistics.

The game screen also features two auxiliary buttons:

  • Help — opens a help section that lists the game rules, some bits of advice and the paytable
  • Sound On/Off — enables/disables the sound effects

You can also speed up the dealing of cards by using the special buttons: ">", ">>" or ">>>" above the section with the denomination of currencies.

Symbols and multipliers in Draw Hi Lo

To qualify for a reward in the Draw Hi Lo online game, you will have to guess whether the rank of the next card from the dealer's deck will be lower or higher than that of the previous one. If your guess is correct, your bet may be multiplied by a specific factor. Each card has its own. If the Lower prediction has worked, you will earn the following multipliers:

  • A — possesses no multiplier
  • 2 — 12
  • 3 — 5
  • 4 — 3
  • 5 — 3
  • 6 — 2
  • 7 — 1.8
  • 8 — 1.5
  • 9 — 1.4
  • 10 — 1.3
  • J — 1.2
  • Q — 1.1
  • K — 1

If the Higher bet has worked, the cards will pay with the following multipliers:

  • A — 1
  • 2 — 1.1
  • 3 — 1.2
  • 4 — 1.3
  • 5 — 1.4
  • 6 — 1.5
  • 7 — 1.8
  • 8 — 2
  • 9 — 3
  • 10 — 4
  • J — 5
  • Q — 12
  • K — possesses no multiplier

The reward is calculated by multiplying your bet by the factors listed above.

Extra Tie Bet

Each time you guess the rank of the next card correctly, you will be allowed to place an extra tie bet. This bet will be limited to 20 credits. If the rank of the new card really turns out to be the same as the previous one's, then the amount that was placed on a tie will be increased tenfold. After this you will be allowed to keep guessing the cards.

There are two possible scenarios when the dealing of cards will stop:

  • If you guessed the approximate rank of the card incorrectly. This is when your reward will be lost
  • If you opt for claiming your winnings


Draw Hi Lo is a fascinating card game where you guess the prospective ranks of the cards. Your reward will fully depend on your intuition and your luck. The highest award can be earned with "2" and "Q". With the active bet of 100 in-game units your winnings can reach 1,200 for one correct guess. The maximum award for one card that you have guessed can reach 1,200 in-game units provided that the maximum bet has been placed. You also have an opportunity to bet on a tie. The maximum tie bet will be 20 virtual units. If you win you will get the reward of 10 times your initial bet.