Spin Lotto (Gamevy)
Spin Lotto Online for Free by Gamevy
Spin Lotto by Gamenvy

Spin Lotto by Gamevy

Play free the Spin Lotto online game where you will find many popular features common to all lottery games, such as being able to choose numbers, along with features more typical of online slot machines, such as being able to choose a number of paylines to increase your chances of obtaining winning combinations and numbers spinning on reels. There are also novel characteristics including the 'Star Booster' function. Having brought all of these elements together in a single game, Gamevy offers a refreshing take on two popular forms of gaming available at online casinos, whether you wish to sit back and play for fun or get serious and play for real money.

Game Information
Type Lotto
Features Jackpot
Developer Gamevy
Games played 1,137
Game Rating

How to play Spin Lotto by Gamevy

To start you will have to select 5 numbers from 1 to 49, these will be your lucky numbers, if you get two or more of these numbers in a line, in any direction or order, you win. As a second step you will have to select a number from 1 to 15 as your lucky star, this can increase your winnings with a bonus or turn a game into a real victory. Finally, before starting you must enter your bet per line and the number of lines you want to play, with this you will be ready to start your game.


You can win prizes on up to 10 paylines. Your lucky star multiplies the winning payline or paylines if it is in the same row as the final ball on that line, so each lucky star position can increase 3 paylines. You will have to select the lines that you want to play with the controls at the bottom of the game screen, your bet per line multiplied by the number of lines played will be displayed in the 'Bet' window at the bottom of the screen.

Prizes and Bonuses

In the Spin Lotto game by Gamevy, a repeated number is still a winning number. This means that if your chosen numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and you get 1,1,1,1,1, you have won your multiplied bet x1000! If you can match your lucky star you can increase your winnings even more.

You can get the jackpot prize by obtaining any combination of 5 numbers that you have selected as your lucky numbers together with the number of the lucky star you have chosen, this will allow you to win your bet multiplied by 10,000.

Star Booster and Payment Averages

This is an additional feature that may be selected. Increase your bet and get a jackpot when you get your lucky star on a winning line. This does not apply to jackpots, mega jackpot or the ultra jackpot.

Spin Lotto is a game based on chance where the result of the reels are predetermined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The average theoretical return to player (RTP) will depend on whether the player uses the Star Booster feature and at what level. Only the highest win is paid on a single line.

The 'Star Booster' and lucky star bonus accelerators do not apply to jackpot, mega or ultra jackpot prizes. The prizes obtained in different lines will be added together. Prizes can only be obtained from the lines selected. The fraudulent misuse of the game or its its operation cancels all payments and games.

You can play with one bet per line on up to 10 lines. The Star Booster feature can multiply prizes X3 and up to X5. This Gamevy demo game is a sample of the full version of the game you can play for real money in legal online casinos. The full version operates under the same rules and principles as the demo game with the exact same random number generator.