Monkey Keno (Microgaming)
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Monkey Keno by Microgaming

Monkey Keno Online Game by Microgaming Review

Monkey Keno is a game by Microgaming that uses a game board marked by a grid with numbers ranging from 1 to 80, as in most traditional games of Keno. 15 numbers may be selected on the board before a monkey throws 20 coconuts on to the board landing on 20 numbers themselves selected by a digital random numbers generator. If a coconut lands on one of the previously selected numbers this is termed a 'hit', the more hits per round the greater the opportunity to produce more prizes.

Game Information
Type Keno
Developer Microgaming
Games played 300
Game Rating

How to Play

First select the amount you wish to bet before selecting up to 15 numbers on the board by clicking on each of the desired numbers. If you wish to change your mind, you can do this before the round begins by simply unchecking the selected numbers. Finally, press the 'Play' button to begin the round at which point the monkey will start hurling coconuts at the board to mark the numbers selected by the digital random numbers generator.

Special Features

Two panels of numbers marked 'Hot Numbers' and 'Colds Numbers' are displayed on the left side of the screen, in which there are 10 numbers listed on each panel, the hot numbers indicate the top ten numbers in terms of frequency of having been randomly drawn, whereas cold numbers are those which have been drawn the least frequently as compared to the other 70 numbers.

By clicking on the 'Hot Numbers' or 'Cold Numbers' section, all the numbers in the box you have chosen will be selected as a selection of numbers for the next draw.

The Quick Pick button: Quickly and randomly selects different numbers for you. The number of numbers that will be selected will be the same ws was used in the previous game.

The Skip button: By clicking on this button you can quickly view the results of the numbers drawn as against those selected, thereby skipping the animation to speed up the game.

The AutoPlay button: This button allows you to select a predetermined number of games to play, or simply play until you decide to end or halt the game by pressing the Autoplay button again.

The autoplay games will continue from one round to the next automatically until one of the following occurs:

  • The number of selected games has been played
  • You interrupt play by clicking on the Stop / AutoPlay button
  • Your funds are insufficient to cover the next bet

Press the Clear button to choose a new set of the numbers on a game card, press the Play button to use the numbers previously marked in a new round.

How to Change Game Options

  • As a first step we will have to click on the tab found in the lower right part of the game screen
  • Once the tab is displayed select the 'Options' section
  • In the Options window you can select the desired graphics and sound configuration
  • Once you have made your selection, confirm your choice by pressing 'OK'

These controls are sleek, aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Options Available in Configuration

Graphics Settings, You may choose between playing the game with its full range of graphics or in basic mode, which, being much simpler, speeds up gameplay enormously.

Sound Settings, Shows the different options related to sound: volume up / down, on / off.

Game Statistics, The statistics only apply to the current session. When you leave the game, the statistics will be reset to zero.

  • Click on the tab located at the bottom right of the game screen
  • Select the option 'Stats'
  • View the game statistics of your current session
  • Click on the "ok" button to exit the statistics window

What Statistics are Available?

Game Results, Shows the number of games played during your current session, the duration of the session and the average number of games played per hour.

Highest Wins, Shows the three highest values you have obtained during your current session.

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