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Keno Universe Online Game by EGT Review

In Keno Universe, designed and developed by EGT, you can choose up to 10 numbers from between 1 and 80, and by means of the Play button you can start the game. During the game, 20 numbers will be selected randomly. The prizes will be paid according to the paytable and the number of 'hits' or 'matches' between the numbers you have chosen and the numbers produced by a digital random numbers generator. Only the highest prize is paid.

Game Information
Type Keno
Features Gamble Round, Jackpot
Developer EGT
Games played 142
Game Rating

How to Place Bets?

The 'Credit' button displays the bet. This value can be changed by clicking on this same button, and then selecting any of the four buttons with the different bets available you can place.

In order for a bet to be valid, at least two numbers from the board must be selected, the bet is selected by pressing any of the 5 Bet buttons located in the lower middle part of the screen. Pressing a button for an active bet for the second time will begin the game. If you press any of the remaining bet buttons, only that bet is made. The game starts after pressing the same button twice. Another way of using these buttons is by pressing the "C", "V", "B", "N" and "M" keys on the keyboard. Pressing the "C" button will select the smallest bet, pressing the "V" button will place the next highest bet and so on up until the "M" key which is the highest available bet.

The lowest bet button is always selected by default when you launch the game.

Special Features

Should you find yourself winning, there is also the option of accessing a special round, by pressing the 'Gamble' button which will be activated on screen.

The Gamble function is activated when the Gamble screen is open and the card in the middle of the screen is face down and flashes red and black. The "Gamble Attempts Left" indicator shows the number of attempts you have left for this game. The "Gamble Amount" indicator shows the amount you wish to double in the Gamble game, the "Gamble to Win" indicator shows how much you could win if you guess the color of the card, you will have two buttons to select between Red and Black, when selecting any of them, the color of the card will be shown on the screen and it will be saved along with the last five cards of the session in the History section.

If you guess the color of the card, a new one will appear on the screen, face down and blinking in red and black. This process continues until you fail to guess the card, or when you end the "Gamble" game and press the "Collect" button, the screen will close and the amount in the "Win" field will be transferred to the "Balance" field .

If you do not guess the color of the card, the game ends automatically and the bet is lost, the screen closes and the amount of the "Win" field is lost and not added to your "Balance".

Buttons and Controls

On the main game screen you are presented with the following windows:


Here, you can view the balance available to place bets.


Shows the total amount won in the game.

Last Win

This field shows the last amount won in the game.

All buttons are located at the bottom of the screen, reading from left to right as follows: if you start with the lower left corner you can see the following buttons:

Sound - with this button you can activate / deactivate the sound.

Maximize / minimize - expands or reduces the size of the screen.

Random Numbers Selector - when this button is activated, a random selection of numbers is made on the board. Any previous winnings will be added to the balance automatically.

Clear - removes all numbers from the board. Any previous winnings will be added to the balance automatically.

Current balance - shows the available credit. You can also click on this button by pressing "X" on the keyboard. This button is inactive while numbers are being drawn. When you click on this button, you are presented with four different buttons with different values, from which you can select. The selection of the specific value is also possible by pressing "C", "V", "B" and "N" when using a keyboard. Pressing the "C" button selects the smallest bet, while "N" is the highest bet. If you win a prize in a given round, if you change the size of your bet the previous winnings are added to your account.

The "Select" button is used to place a bet.

By pressing the "Start" button, 20 numbers will be drawn randomly and this button will turn into a "Stop" button. Any previous winnings are added to your account. This button can also be activated from the keyboard with the "space bar".

Pressing the "Stop" button completes the 20 randomly selected number draw instantaneously, speeding up gameplay and the button will revert back to being the "Start" button if you do not get a winning combination, or "Collect" if you get a winning combination. This action can also be carried out by pressing the "space bar" on the keyboard.

By pressing the "Collect" button, the game will be stopped and your winnings added to your account, the "Win" window will show the total amount won, and the button will show the "Start" or "Select" option. This action can also be carried out on a keyboard by pressing the "Spacebar".

"AutoPlay" will run the game automatically and this can be stopped by pressing "Stop Auto".This button will be active only if numbers are not being randomly selected and the Gamble option is not activated, you can also activate this function from the keyboard by pressing the " . " full stop.

When you press the "Stop Auto" button, the "Autoplay" game mode stops and the button turns into the "Autoplay". This button is active only when the game is in AutoPlay mode. The activation of this button is also possible by pressing the " . " Symbol on the keyboard.

Home button - by pressing this button, you leave the game. The button is inactive when you are making the choice of numbers and when the game is in Gamble mode. In case of winning, pressing this button will add any winnings to your balance and the game ends. You can not bet the final amount won. You can also activate this button from the keyboard by pressing the " , " coma key when using a keyboard.

Risk Game - this button takes you to the Risk game. Pressing on the keyboard buttons "⇦" or "⇨" on the keyboard activates the "Gamble", provided you have obtained a winning round.

Interruptions in Gameplay

In the event that the game is interrupted by a loss of connection, the next time you launch the game, the game automatically resumes in the same state in which it was the moment immediately before the interruption, if the game had been canceled by some predetermined action, the cancellation time will be considered the end of the game and any accumulated funds will be automatically returned to you.

The Keno Universe play for free demo game is elegant in its simplicity, but having become an expert in how it is played you might like to try the full version online and learn more about how to play for real money in licensed online casinos with the Universe at your fingertips.