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Super Lady Luck Slot by iSoftBet Review

Super Lady Luck is a slot machine by iSoftbet that you can play free in demo mode at There are 243 ways to form winning combos. The slot features five reels and the special symbols Scatter, extended Wild and Bonus. You can win two progressive Jackpots, trigger a bonus round and activate a free spins mode. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Superheroes
Features Freespins, Bonus Game, 3D, Jackpot
Developer iSoftBet
Ways to Win 243
Reels 5
Games played 309
Game Rating
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Free Spins Mode

When you can see three or more Scatter symbols on the screen, the free spins mode starts. It involves ten free spins. The Scatter symbol is an icon with the shining Eiffel tower. The bet during the free spins is the same as for the previous spin before the start. After the free spins are activated, click the Start button to use the ten free spins. The Scatter symbols can appear anywhere (randomly) on the reels both during the standard mode and the free spins. In the free spins mode the control panel consists of the following windows and buttons:

  • Free spins Left - the remaining number of the free spins
  • Current Win - the prize for the previous winning combo
  • Total Win - the total number of credits won

It is also possible that the combination which awards the Jackpot can appear on the reels together with a combination of bonus symbols and three or more Scatter symbols. In this case, first you get the Jackpot and the prize for the Scatter symbols. Then the bonus round starts. After the end of the round the free spins mode is activated.

Free spins can be re-triggered during the free spins mode. The bet is the same as for the free spins. If no winning combos line up during the free spins round you can do the respin. You can launch it using the icon with a girl in a red suit like in the standard game. While launching it, one, two or three reels starting with the leftmost one are filled with one of the common symbols. It means, that it can be any symbol that wins you payouts except for the Wild, the Scatter, the Bonus and the Lady Luck. The resulting combo of symbols becomes a winning one after the re-spin. After finishing the free spins game, you can see the number of credits won in the screen. In order to come back to the standard game, you need to click Resume.

Re-spins and Scoring in the Super Lady Luck Slot

If the symbols don't form a winning combo in the game screen during the standard game or free spins, a re-spin takes place. This is a repeated spin for free with the same bet as in the previous spin.

After this reel spin symbols can form any winning combo. The re-spin occurs after the icon with a lady in a red suit appears on the screen. Credits for winning combos in the Super Lady Luck slot are scored unconventionally. For example, if you see a winning combo on the screen, the symbols of which are placed:

  • On the first position of the first reel
  • The first, second and third position of the second reel
  • The second and third position of the third reel

At first, you need to multiply the number of neighbouring identical symbols on each reel. That is, 1х3х2=6. The next step is to see which multipliers are awarded by the combination. You can do it using the pay table. For example, your actual combo consists of icons of a man in a black hat. In the table you can see figures under this icon, they are 3, 10 or 40, if the current bet is 5 credits and the denomination is 0.01. These are the multipliers which you get, not for the number of identical symbols in a row but for the number of neighbouring three, four and five reels, respectively. There must be a winning combo on them. Since the combo has landed on three reels in a row, the figure 6 needs to be multiplied by 3. In all, you get 18 credits for the winning pattern of symbols with a man in a black hat.

Super Lady Luck Bonus Game

The Bonus symbol can randomly appear anywhere on the reels. The exception is the last reel during the free spins or the standard game. The bonus game of the Super Lady Luck slot is activated when the Extending Wild and the icon that says Bonus land. They must be next to each other on neighbouring reels. As the Extended Wild symbol takes two boxes of the reel, the bonus round is activated when the icon that reads Bonus borders both with the top and bottom position of the Extended Wild symbol.

The bonus round isn't activated when the bonus symbol and the Extended Wild border with each other on the neighbouring reels and the latter isn't fully visible in the game screen. If there are two or more combinations on the reels which trigger the bonus round, it is activated once only. When the bonus game is launched, you need to choose the character - the Black Cat or Lady Luck. To do this, click one of them. The bonus round will randomly award you two to six free spins. You can see the current number of bonus spins in the Left Spins field. The bonus wheel consists of twelve positions. Each of them can award you a certain prize. These can be:

  • One, two or three additional spins of the bonus wheel
  • 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 prize coins
  • The Jackpot

If the top arrow show the bonus position the left or right arrow corresponds to the multiplier. The arrow will be on the left, if you choose Black Cat, and on the right if you choose Lady Luck. If the top bonus arrow points at the prize coins they will be multiplied by the figure that the left or right arrow points at. The current prizes are displayed in the Current Winnings field, and the total prize - in the Total Winnings field.

The Progressive Jackpot of the Super Lady Luck Slot

You can win the progressive Jackpot during both the basic mode and free spins with the maximum bet. You need to have five Lady Luck symbols on one of the lines. Otherwise, the same or different number of these symbols with a different bet (0.5, 1 or 2.5 credits) win you a prize. You can see the exact number of prize credits for a certain combination in the pay table.

The size of the Jackpot depends on the chosen distribution. For example, if the coin value is 0.01, the value of the Jackpot is 2,500 credits. With the value of 0.02 the Jackpot wins you 5,000 credits. Any other winning combos landing on the reels when the progressive Jackpot is hit pay respectively.

The Black Cat Jackpot

You can get the progressive Black Cat Jackpot during the bonus game of the Super Lady Luck slot. The maximum available progressive Jackpot is paid during the game with the highest coin value. You can get the Black Cat Jackpot regardless of your bet size.

The progressive win is updated every 3 seconds. Between two successive updates of this figure, two or more users can win the Jackpot in a row. In this case the first player to win it gets the entire progressive Jackpot, while the next winner gets the minimum guaranteed progressive Jackpot and 0.5% of bets made between the two successive wins. The progressive Black Cat prize always has the multiplier of x1. With the maximum bet, progressive Jackpots can be won in one move.

Symbols and multipliers in the Super Lady Luck slot

The Super Lady Luck slot themed to superheroes comes with thirteen symbols. Some of them not only win you prizes but also perform additional functions. Five Lady Luck symbols can win you the Jackpot. The Wild symbol in the Super Lady Luck slot is expanding. It means that it can replace not one but two boxes in the game screen. The extended wild can replace any other icon on the reels, except for the Bonus and Scatter symbols. The extended Wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels except for the first one. It can happen both during the standard mode and free spins. The Bonus symbol together with the Extended Wild activate the bonus game. Scatter symbols launch the free spins mode of the Super Lady Luck slot. Three, four or five identical symbols win you such multipliers as:

  • A blonde with blue eyes - 5, 10 or 100
  • A man in a black hat - 3, 10, or 40
  • A guy in a blue mask - 2, 6 or 30
  • A man in a violet suit with a bird on his hand - 2, 3 or 20
  • A - 1, 2.5 or 15
  • K - 1, 2.5 or 12.5
  • Q - 0.7, 2.5 or 10
  • J - 0.5, 2.5 or 5
  • 10 - 0.5, 2 or 5

You can get these multipliers if the current bet is five credits and the denomination is 0.01. No combination of two identical symbols pays out. A winning combination is an uninterrupted sequence of symbols. All the winning combos are counted from left to right starting with the leftmost reel.

How to Play the Super Lady Luck Slot for Free

ISotfBet designed its Super Lady Luck slot with a free to play option in demo mode available at NeonSlot. The information panel under the main buttons has windows:

  • Bet - the current bet
  • Balance - your account
  • Winnings - the number of credits won for the last winning combo

In order to start the spins you need to follow some steps. At first, you need to set a denomination. Use the button with the number. The button for choosing the coin value is found in the right bottom part of the game panel and shows you the current denomination. The value of the coins is determined by the correlation of coin value to credits. Denomination varies from 0.01 to 1. By clicking the button which changes the coins value you can see how the bet changes in the bottom left part of the control panel.

The bet size corresponds to the current coin value. The minimum total bet is 0.5 with a denomination of 0.01, the maximum is 500 credits with the coin value of 1. By clicking one of the Bet buttons you set the total bet for the next spin of the reels. You can adjust the total bet before or after a spin. You can't change it during the spin.

The total bet is displayed in credits during the whole gameplay in the Bet field, the corresponding button is highlighted in the game panel. According to the pay table, your total winnings in credits for the previous spin can be seen in the Winnings field. For each winning combo the prize appears as the number of adjacent winning symbols. It is multiplied by the amount shown in the pay table. Click the Spin button to initiate one spin. When the spin is started, this button turns into Stop. It stops the reels immediately.

Auto spins mode of the Super Lady Luck slot

By clicking Auto Spin you open the window with the automatic spins settings. Here you can set all the necessary options to launch auto spins. In the Auto Spin Settings window, you can adjust options for stopping the auto spins:

  • Loss limit - you need to set the minimum number of credits which should be in the game account
  • Stop if Win reaches - click the button on the left and then enter the Win value in order to turn on this option. It sets the maximum win during the automatic mode
  • Stop if Jackpot is won - in order to turn on this option click the button on the left. This option stops the spin after the Jackpot is won
  • Number of Auto Spins to play - the number of spins in the automatic mode

A click on Start closes the Auto Spin Settings window and starts the auto spins. The bet is the same as before the activation. Cancel revokes all the options and gets you back to the regular game. When the automatic spins are launched the Auto Spin button becomes Stop xx / yy. Where xx is the number of the remaining spins, and yy is the total number of spins set by the user in Auto Spin Settings. By clicking Stop you can terminate the automatic mode at any time. During the automatic spins there may land a combination that starts the bonus round or free spins. Neither the bonus round nor the automatic spins will start as in the basic game. This requires your participation.

Additional buttons of the Super Lady Luck slot

The 3D slot also features such buttons as:

  • I - pops up the pay table where you can see information about payouts for winning combinations, information about any existing special features or symbols and their payouts, available hot keys and the game rules in brief
  • STOP - (available only during a reel spin) by clicking this button you can stop the reels
  • SKIP - (available only during the winning animation) use this button to skip the animation after any win
  • Settings Window button - the settings. You can find the button for opening all these settings in the top left corner of the screen. After opening the window with the settings you can enable the fullscreen mode and control the sound, see the history of spins or the detailed rules of the game. In order to close the Settings window, click anywhere in the game screen or click the icon with an arrow in the top left corner
  • Sound - you can find it in the Settings window. By clicking it you open the panel of sounds and volume. Here you can make the necessary sound settings by using sliders in the Winning, Game and Background fields. Then click Save to save your settings. To quickly enable or disable the sound, move the slider to the side next to the Sound window
  • Rules - can be found in the Settings window. By clicking this button, you can see the detailed rules of the game in a new window of the browser
  • History - (only in the real game) can be found in the Settings window. Clicking it you can see the history of the game
  • Fullscreen - you can find it in the Settings window. This button enables the full screen mode. To leave it, just click Fullscreen again or use ESC on the keyboard
  • Tooltip - to open the pop-up tips, click the icon of a key in the top left corner of the screen. Here you can see available keys on your keyboard which you can use in the gameplay. Clicking anywhere in the screen closes the Tooltip window
  • Back - by clicking this button you can come back to the standard game

The Super Lady Luck online slot is of low variance. It means that the player will be often getting small prizes. The slot includes not only a complicated scheme of scoring credits but also a variety of bonuses, such as two progressive Jackpots, the bonus round, the free spins mode, the Scatter and Extended Wild symbols. That's why it can be difficult for beginners to get the hang of this slot machine.