Mision Espacial (MGA)
Mision Espacial Online Slot
Mision Espacial Game

Mision Espacial Online Slot

Mision Espacial is a slot with 1 payline and 3 reels by MGA that you can play free at neonslots.com. As a classic fruit slot, Mision Espacial offers a simple betting system, a pay table right on the screen and the Wild symbol as your key assistant in collecting winning combinations. Besides, you also have 4 bonus games, extra prizes, coins and credits. 

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
THEME Classic, Fruit
Features Bonus Game, Gamble Round
Developer MGA
Lines 1
Reels 3
Games played 145
Game Rating
Mision Espacial images

Symbols and multipliers in the Mision Espacial slot

Special symbols that affect your chances of getting the winning combination include the Wild on the Mision Espacial online slot. It's designed as the image of a planet that reads Comodin. The Wild can replace any pay table symbol, including the bonus one with the image of the door, on the payline. The Nudges feature doesn't apply to this special property - by dropping on a line it doesn't lead to a winning combination. The Wild itself doesn't win you money. The Bonus symbol with the image of a girl awards a certain number of points for the Upper Game, only if it drops on the payline:

  • 1 symbol - 1 point
  • 2 symbols - 2 points
  • 3 symbols - 6 points

Common symbols are represented as classic fruit pictures. Only 3-symbol combinations are available. When playing with the of bet 1, 5 and 10 credits you get:

  • Blue crystals - 200, 1,000 and 2,000 coins
  • Red crystals - 50, 250 and 500 coins
  • Green crystals - 10, 50 and 100 coins
  • Bell - 6, 15 and 15 coins
  • Strawberry - 5, 12 and 12 coins
  • Lemon - 4, 9 and 9 coins
  • Plum - 3, 6 and 6 coins
  • Orange - 2, 4 and 4 coins
  • 3 crystals of different colours - 1, 3 and 3 coins

Double-up Game

Mision Espacial offers the option to play a risk game not characteristic of fruit slots. Almost nothing depends on the player. The Nudges round is activated randomly, if you can get a winning combination or its part on the reels. The round start is indicated by icons flashing in the Nudges section, where you see how many times one or several reels shift - from 1 to 4. As a rule, Nudges sets 2 symbols per line and then fixes the reels. You can unlock the reel clicking on one of the three Nudge buttons on the control panel. Then, you need to click on the Start button so that the free reels can make a free re-spin. The second part of the double-up round is the extra bonus. It's activated only when a winning combination is already lined up on the payline. In the pay table, the column corresponding to your current bet will play the selection animation of the second combination and then the coins or points will be credited to your account.

Bonus Games of the Mision Espacial Slot

Mision Espacial offers four bonus rounds. One is available in the main game and is activated when 3 symbols with the door are collected on the payline. You can collect the bonus symbol with one or two Wilds. You'll see a new screen with several doors. On each you see the number of available bonus points. To launch the round click on the Start button. This round is marked as Bonus Game 1 in the pay table. The remaining 3 bonus games are only available in the Upper Game. To unlock it, you need to collect the bonus symbol with the image of the girl in the main game. Starting from 1 bonus point, you can click on the Change Game button. The more points you have, the higher bet you can make. In Upper Game you use another set of symbols with new payouts depending on your bet. Setting up 1, 5 or 10 credits, you get:

  • Blue 7s - 200, 1,000 or 2,000 coins
  • Red 7s - 100, 500 or 1,000 coins
  • Green 7s - 50, 250 or 500 coins
  • The bonus symbol - 1, 5 or 10 points
  • Shuttle - 4, 8 or 20 coins and access to Bonus Game 3
  • Meteorite - 4, 4 or 8 coins and Bonus Game 2
  • Galaxy - 4, 4 or 8 coins and Bonus Game 4

When choosing a bet of 10 you have 3 extra vertical paylines, apart from the five you have available.

  • Bonus Game 2 helps you to choose one of the meteorites to get a bonus payout in coins
  • Bonus Game 3 opens up a screen with a few fields across which you need to move the shuttle to get one of the prizes named on them
  • Bonus Game 4 opens up a screen with the roulette. After the roulette is done spinning, you will get the payout based on what the field shows

Mision Espacial Game Rules

To start a game on Mision Espacial by MGA you need to choose the bet. You have 3 options available – 1, 5 or 10 credits. As there's only one payline, the spin price equals a single bet. Denomination on Mision Espacial enables you to get credits in exchange for coins. Though a bet is made in credits, you see a payout in coins. At the bottom of the screen you see the current exchange rate. In the trial version, 1 credit is 0.20 coins. Therefore, the value of a single spin ranges from 0.20 to 2 coins. You get a prize if 3 identical symbols line up on the payline. When a combination or bonus symbol are higher or lower, no prize is awarded. Each combo in the pay table has an individual prize. You can get familiar with the pay table right on the main screen. You can see it to the left and right of the reels. To start spinning, click on the Start button. Another way to launch the spin is the Auto-pay feature. By clicking on it, you see the menu with spin numbers – 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or infinity. Here, you can also activate the Auto-risk feature that makes free spins automatically if the Nudges bonus drops. At the top of the screen you can find info windows:

  • Message/Risk Game shows prompts and double-up winnings
  • Prize shows your prize for a single spin
  • Bonus shows the number of bonus points you've got
  • Balance displays the game account in coins

You also see all the bonuses available in the main game and the prompts on how to activate them. You can find their detailed description in the pay table. You can activate it by clicking the button with three horizontal lines, in the ? tab.

The classic slot Mision Espacial is good for those who are only beginning to master the subtleties of gambling. The minimum number of paylines, very simple selection of bets and the pay table before your eyes - all these pros will help you not only to master the nuts and bolts of gambling but also to create your own tactics of spinning the reels.