Fruit Shop (NetEnt)
Free Online Slot Fruit Shop by NetEnt
Fruit Shop Slot by NetEnt

Fruit Shop by NetEnt Game Review

Fruit Shop is a one-armed bandit that you can play for free with five reels and 15 paylines powered by NetEnt. You should land the Wild symbol to double your winnings and some fruits to get free spins. The maximum payout is given for having five cherries landed with the bet of 10 coins, they will pay you 20,000 coins. When combined with the Wild symbol - 40,000.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Freespins
Developer NetEnt
Lines 15
Reels 5
Games played 983
Game Rating

Fruit Shop Free Spins

Fruit Shop does not feature any special symbol that would earn you some free spins. All you have to do is land a winning combo of fruit symbols so that you can save your credits and your coins without spending them on launching the reels. Three, four or five symbols of a watermelon, an orange, a lemon or a plum landed on one payline will trigger 1, 2 or 5 free spins respectively. Two and three cherries will get you 1 free spin, four will get you 2 and five will get you 5.

A round of Free Spins is played out in the automatic mode. Your bet size and your coin value will both remain the same as they were during the spin that had landed the winning fruit combo in the first place. Once you land a winning combo in the free spins mode, your reward will be doubled. All combos will also earn you extra free spins: pictures of cards, a watermelon, an orange, a lemon and a plum - 1, 2 and 5 free spins for three, four or five symbols, cherries - 1, 1, 2 or 5 free spins for two, three, four or five symbols.

The Wild symbol landed on a payline will quadruple your winnings. The multiplier of the Wild symbol and the total multiplier for the Free Spins round will all be added up. As a result, during the free spins mode you can earn 80,000 coins for the combination of three cherries and one Wild.

Symbols and Multipliers in Fruit Shop

A special symbol that says "Fruit Shop" acts as the Wild symbol. Once it lands in a winning combo, it performs two functions. First of all it can substitute for any missing symbol. For example, a cherry comes up on the first and third reels, and the Wild on the second. The slot will count a combination of three cherries and pay you the reward as indicated in the paytable. Second, the Wild symbol will double your win for the combo that it is a part of. Since this symbol may be a part of several combos at the same time, your winnings will be doubled for each one of them. You cannot form a combination out of the Wild symbols alone.

Regular symbols featured in Fruit Shop are pictures of fruits and playing cards. Except for the combinations that consist of cherries. You should have three of these pictures landed along one payline to qualify for a reward. The lowest multipliers are earned for three, four and five symbols:

  • 10 – 5, 10 and 50
  • Jack - 5, 15 and 60
  • Queen - 5, 20 or 75
  • King - 10, 25 and 100
  • Ace - 15, 50 or 150

Fruit symbols possess the multipliers that are considerably higher:

  • A watermelon - 15, 75 and 200
  • An orange - 20, 100 or 500
  • A lemon - 20, 125 and 750
  • A plum - 25, 150 or 1,000

The cherry symbol has the highest multipliers: 2 symbols will get you 5 times your bet, 3 x25, 4 x300 and 5 will get you x2,000.

Rules and principles of the game

Fruit Shop by NetEnt comes with 15 fixed paylines, which means that you can only change your bet size and your coin value. This fruit slot is available in its trial version and this is why you can use two types of in-game currency - coins and credits.

Click on the left or right arrows in the Level section to place your bet. You can bet as much as 10 coins. The minimum value for your total bet per spin is 15 coins, the maximum is 150. Hit the Max Bet button to set the bet of 10 coins automatically and the reels will start spinning.

You can change the value of one coin in the Coin Value section. This option determines how many credits you will pay for each coin from your account. The minimum value is 0.01 credit, the maximum is 0.20. You can view the changes in the cost for each spin in the info window at the bottom of the screen.

  • Cash - your balance in credits
  • Bet – your bet per spin in credits
  • Win - your award for a spin in credits

Above you will see the bar displaying the values in coins:

  • Bet - shows your total bet in coins
  • Level - your bet per line
  • Coin Value - the value of one coin
  • Coins - your balance in coins

Once a winning combination lands along one of the paylines, your reward in coins will be displayed under the reels and the combo itself will light up. Winning combinations are the ones that consist of identical symbols lined up on one payline starting from the first reel. The minimum number of pictures on a payline in all combinations except for the one with cherries is three.

The reward is calculated based on the multipliers for the combos and your bets in coins. For example, the highest-paying symbol in the game is cherries. With a bet of 1 coin they will earn you 2,000 for five icons. If you bet 10 coins the reward will be 20,000. You can view the payouts for all symbols by clicking on the 'i' tab. This is where all rules and options featured in Fruit Shop are listed.

There are two ways of launching the reels. The first one is by clicking on a green circular button in the centre of the control panel. This button will launch one single spin, after which the calculation of the payout and free spins will start, if they come up on the reels. Next you should click one more time to set the reels in motion.

The other way is the Auto Play option. Click Auto Play to open the settings menu for the autospins, where you can select the number of spins and conditions for stopping them. For instance, if your balance increases to a certain amount or your win exceeds your specified number. If you want to exit the auto-game you can do so by using the same menu.

These are options available to you in the configuration menu:

  • Quick Spin - shortens the time of the reelspin (has no direct effect on the gameplay)
  • Intro Screen - opens or closes the window with the bonus tips during the loading animation
  • Spacebar to spin - lets you launch the reels by pressing the space bar

Click the '?' icon to learn the rules featured in this fruit slot. Discover the full range of free online slots at NeonSlots.