Chain Reactors Trails (OpenBet)
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Chain Reactors Trails Game

Chain Reactors Trails Online Slot by OpenBet Review

Play for free the Chain Reactors Trails online slot by OpenBet that has an unusual playing area with 7 columns and 7 rows. Instead of reels the symbols disappear from the screen and new ones drop onto the screen from above. There are no paylines as the symbols form clusters from as few as 5 symbols which must connect either horizontally or vertically but not diagonally. Any winning clusters will disappear from the screen and the symbols above will drop down to replace them and new symbols will appear at the top of each of these columns. This may create additional winning clusters which will also disappear and this will continue until no more winning clusters are formed.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 7
THEME Different
Features Freespins, Bonus Game, Jackpot
Developer OpenBet
Reels 7
Games played 1,028
Game Rating
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Main Features of the Chain Reactors Trails Game

The main features of this game are the 3 bonus games:

  • Bomb Trail
  • Flame Trail
  • Free Falls

Bomb Trail

When a cluster of 5 or more Bomb symbols appears they will light up one level in the Bomb trail and when all 10 lights have been lit the feature game is triggered. During this game bombs will drop into the playing area and are caught by the other symbols which may pass them to another symbol and they then explode and you receive cash prizes for thee symbols that have exploded.

Flame Trail

Every cluster of Flame symbols lights up a level in the Flame trail and when you light up all 10 lights you will trigger the Flame feature game. During this game a dragon will enter the playing area and eats random symbols when it passes over them. It will eat a total of 20 symbols and you will receive cash prizes for them.

Free Falls

If you get seven or more clusters within a game you will trigger the Free Fall bonus game. This game rewards you with 15 free plays which can be increased by a further 15 free rounds if seven or more clusters are formed during any one of the free rounds. The maximum amount of free rounds is 9,999. Also during this round the Bomb and Flame symbols are replaced by two exclusive free spin symbols, Cyclo and Brainy.

Chain Reactors Trails Jackpot

When playing for real money and with a minimum stake of £0.20, you can win the progressive jackpot. The minimum amount is £1,000 and this increases by a percentage of incoming stake amounts, until it is won, when it will reset back to £1,000. If a combination of 30 or more Jackpot symbols, a gold smiley, land in a cluster, then you will be awarded the Jackpot. The jackpot can only be paid out once per day and if you land another combination of Jackpot symbols, you will win the top multiplier of x5.

Symbols and Multipliers

The symbols of this slot by OpenBet are circular characters that can create combinations from as few as 5 symbols land in a cluster horizontally or vertically. The multipliers can be found in the paytable and the symbols are:

  • Horney - a purple character with horns
  • Zoid - A silver character with 4 spikes
  • Sunny - An orange smiley with sunglasses
  • Minty - A green character with 8 small circle shapes
  • Spiky - A red character with lots of spikes

Special Symbols:

  • Flame - An orange smiley face with a flame hair style - can launch the Flame trail
  • Bomb - A purple character with a fuse in the top of it - can launch the Bomb trail
  • Goldie - A gold smiley - if you land 30 or more you will win the Jackpot

Only Available in Free Falls:

  • Brainy - An Alien themed character with a large brain
  • Cycle - A green character with one eye

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Buttons and Controls of the Slot

When you launch the game you will see a black bar across the top of the page that shows your cash balance, the amount of your total stake, the most recent win amount and in the far right hand corner there is a ? which opens detailed information about the game and a speaker that enables you to turn the sound on or off.

Below this you will see a large black box on the left that has the meters for the Flame and Bomb Trails. The main playing area has 49 symbols that are displayed in a 7x7 grid. To the right of the screen you will see:

  • Balance - shows your cash balance
  • Paytable - opens the paytable with detailed information about the symbols and their multipliers, bonus rounds, jackpot and free falls
  • Stake - shows the amount of the total stake per play, which you can adjust if you click on it
  • Bet - will start one round of the main game

At the very bottom of the screen is a sliding meter which shows you the amount of clusters that have landed in a single game. Once this reaches 7 then the round of Free Falls will start.

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