Blazing Star (Merkur)
Blazing Star Online Slot
Blazing Star Slot by Merkur

Online Slot Review of Blazing Star by Merkur

Blazing Star is a one-armed-bandit type slot that comes with five reels and five paylines that remain active at all times. The video slot was designed by Merkur. The slot features seven different symbols for you to create winning combos. The highest-paying win reaches 10,000 credits. The game also features a double-up card game and an extra round where you have to catch the flickering line and stop it at a certain spot.

Game Information
Type Online Slots
Rows 3
Features Gamble Round
Developer Merkur
Lines 5
Reels 5
Games played 486
Game Rating
Blazing Star images

Symbols and multipliers in the Blazing Star slot game

Almost all of the symbols in the Blazing Star online game are depicted as classical fruits typical for traditional fruit slots. You earn the highest winnings for a combination of stars. Winning combos are formed left to right.

Below is a list of all the symbols and the winnings that they pay with a bet of 10 credits. The payouts are listed for groupings of three or more symbols. Cherries create combos starting with two pictures:

  • A cherry - 10, 40, 100 and 400
  • An orange, a lemon, a plum - 40, 200 and 500
  • A grape, a watermelon - 100, 500 and 2,000
  • A blazing star - 200, 2,000 and 10,000.

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The Double-or-Nothing Card Gamble option can be launched each time you earn some winnings. Click on the button with hearts and clubs to start the game. A window will pop up and ask you to guess the colour of the face-down card.

The correct answer will double your winnings. You can find the button for the selection of the colour in the right corner. This is where the button with a bag of money is. Click on that button to transfer the winnings to your balance and exit the round. The bonus round provides an opportunity to use half of your winnings that you earned in the most recent spin. Info blocks in the Card Gamble option:

  • Gamble Limit - shows the limit for the highest-paying winnings.
  • Gamble Bet - bet amount for the current round.
  • Gamble Win - amount of credits available to you if you win.

Ladder Gamble Round

Besides the double-up card game, the Blazing Star software developer Merkur provided a special gambling round. Click on the green button in the right corner to launch the round (the button becomes active each time you win).

In this round you have to stop the flickering line at the numeric value with the prize. This is done by clicking on the "1:1" button. Once you catch a higher number, your next bet will be increased by one level. If the number is less, the amount of the credits played in the round will decrease as well. You can claim your prize at any moment and keep playing the game in the classical mode.

You can reduce the amount of your bet in the gambling round only after each increase or decrease. An additional blue button with two arrows will come up on the left of the "1:1" button. Each time you click on it, your bet will be slashed in half and half of the winnings will be added to your balance. The most that you can win in the Ladder Gamble round is 140 credits.

How to Play the Blazing Star Video Slot

You are initially given 1,000 game units at the very beginning of the slot's trial version. Set your bet size prior to launching the reels. Click on the green button in the left corner to set your bet size. The amount may start at 0.1 credits. It means that you bet 0.02 for each of the five paylines.

Click on the button to open the box where you can adjust the amount of credits. Here you can choose your bets from 0.05 to 10. Please note: click on the Max button to raise your bet to the maximum.

Click on the Play button to set the reels in motion. Click on AutoStart to open the section where you can set the number of autospins. The Card Gamble or the Ladder Gamble options are not available during the auto game. Click Stop to exit the autospin mode.

At the bottom of the screen you will see two info signs that display the following values:

  • Deposit - shows the amount of credits on your account.
  • Bets - your total bet on all of the lines.

Additional Buttons on the Control Panel

You can find some auxiliary buttons in the upper right corner. The buttons are as follows:

  • A speaker icon - this is where you adjust the volume of the music playing in the background.
  • The "i" button - opens the window with the game rules.
  • The paytable button.

Even though the slot features no Wilds, Scatters, free spins or a bonus round, you are still offered two varieties of gambling games. The game has high variance, which means that winning combinations do not land that often but when they do, the reward is high.