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French Roulette by NetEnt

French Roulette is a classic roulette game that has internal, external and special bets as well as the option to create favourite bets. French Roulette uses 37 numbers (36 to 0) so, it offers more chances to win than American Roulette and if the ball lands on 0, you recover half of your bet. Play French Roulette for free and learn the types of bets and their payments.

Game Information
Type French Roulette
Developer NetEnt
Games played 914
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How to Play French Roulette

To start the game of French Roulette you must make a bet. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum is 500. You just have to choose the chip with the value you want and place it on the mat. You can use the buttons to double the bet (x2), cancel the bets (X) or reuse the same bets (the arrow).

To change the game settings use the wrench to adjust the dealer's voice, background music, sound effects, the quality of the graphics, the lighting of the mat, the speed of the ball and you can even change the soundtrack.

French Roulette Game Statistics

In this NetEnt version of French Roulette you can see the statistics table. In a table, hot shows the four numbers that have come out the most in the last 500 rounds. In the cold column you can see the numbers that have appeared the least in the last 500 turns.

How to save your Favourite Bets

It is also possible to save your favourite bets. You must first place the bet, then you access the Favourite Bets Menu, name your favourite bet and save it. You can then use it whenever you want by selecting it from the list.

French Roulette Special Bets

The game of French Roulette has special bets that are in the favourite betting menu.

  • Bet Red and Black Split - is a bet on all red split numbers (9/12, 18/21, 16/19, 27/30) or all black split numbers (8/11, 10/11, 10/13, 17/20, 26 / 29, 29/28, 28/31).
  • Finale Plein - is a bet on a number and all the numbers that end with that number. For example, you can select Final Plein 0 and thus bet on all the numbers that end in zero, such as 0, 10, 20 and 30. You must bear in mind that before choosing any of these you have to select the value of a bet. All Finale Plain bets are paid 35: 1. Although, the Finale Plein 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are made to 4 direct numbers (straight) and the finale Plein 7, 8, 9 are made to 3 numbers.
  • Finale Cheval. is a bet on two numbers and those numbers that end in the same digits. For example, a Finale Cheval 3/6 bet includes bets at 3/6, 13/16, 23/26 and at 33/36. The finale cheval bets are paid 17: 1.
  • Finale Cheval / Plein. is a direct bet on two numbers (split) and all the numbers that end with those two numbers (straight). For example, a bet at Finale Cheval / Plein 4/5 includes split bets on the numbers 4/5, 14/15, 34/35 and direct bets at 24 and 25. The split bet is paid 17 to 1 and the bet straight you pay 35 to 1.

Regular Bets in French Roulette

The game of French Roulette also has types of bets known as internal, external and additional bets. Outside bets are those that offer the best chance of winning, but their prizes or payments are lower.

External bets are made on 18 or 12 numbers at the same time. For example, you can bet on all red, all black, all even, all odd, numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. All of them have a payment ratio of 1 to 1. The external bets also include bets on 12 numbers at the same time, they are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen and the ends of the 3 columns. Their payment ratio is a little more, 2 to 1.

In internal bets the payments are higher. You can bet on a single number (Straight) with which you get the highest payment of 35 to 1. Or bet on 6 numbers (line or six line) and get a prize of 5 to 1. If you bet on 4 numbers (square or corner) ) the payment is 8 to 1. A bet on 3 numbers (street) is paid 11 to 1 and a bet on 2 numbers (Split) is paid at 17 to 1.

Additional bets or call bets are several internal bets that are placed at the same time. To make these bets open the racetrack board and select your bet. The chips appear automatically:

Bet Number and Neighbours. Is a bet that is made on a number and its neighbouring numbers. It means betting up to 9 numbers at the same time. Place the chip on a number and add (+) up to 8 of neighbouring numbers that you want to cover. This bet is paid 35 to 1.

Jeu Zero is a bet on a series of 7 numbers: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32 and 15. Place the chip on Zero on the racetrack board. The payment of the split bets is 17: 1 and the straight bet is 35 to 1.

Tiers is a bet on a series of 12 numbers: 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33. The tiers bet is paid 17 to 1.

Orphelins is a bet on 8 numbers: 17, 34, 6 and 1, 20, 14, 31, 9. The payment of Split is 17: 1 and Straight is 35 to 1.

Voisins is a bet on 17 numbers: 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25. Bets on two numbers (split) 17 to 1 are paid, three numbers (street) 11 to 1 and four numbers (corner) are paid 8 to 1.

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