French Roulette Low Limit (NetEnt)
French Roulette Low Limit Online Game
French Roulette Low Limit Game

French Roulette Low Limit by NetEnt

French Roulette Low Limit is a NetEnt French Roulette game that has low value bets and the possibility of making a null or no value bet. This free roulette game includes some bets that are in French such as pair, impair, manque and passe. Learn to play French roulette with this game for free and without downloading available at

Game Information
Type French Roulette
Developer NetEnt
Games played 245
Game Rating
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How to Play Low Limit French Roulette

In French Roulette you can make bets on 37 numbers. The minimum value is 0.10 and the maximum is 5. You just have to choose the chip with the value you want and place it on the mat which is in French. You can also make null bets and use the buttons to clear your bets or repeat the same bet.

Quick Game Mode

To spin the Roulette Wheel you must use the Spin button. If you want the wheel to spin faster you can use Quick Spin and the number will be displayed immediately in the side window.

Customize your Roulette game

You can turn on or off the background music, the sound effects, the fast game mode, open the help menu and start the regular automatic game.

Cold Numbers and Hot Numbers

French Roulette Low Limit displays information about hot and cold numbers, that is, the numbers that have the most mathematical probability of landing and those that have the least. You can also see the percentages of probability to red, black, even and odd bets.

Use this information to guide you in your bets while playing free NetEnt French Roulette Low Limit. In addition, you can follow your results history and remember the winning number of each roll.

Automatic Game Mode

In this NetEnt game you can also set the automatic mode with 15, 25, 50, 75 or 100 consecutive spins of the wheel. It is possible to stop the game when you win a certain amount or exceed a certain limit of winnings or losses.

Bets and payments in French Roulette Low Limit

NetEnt French Roulette Low Limit allows you to make different bets:

  • The bet on a single number (straight) that is paid 35: 1
  • The split bet that is paid to 17: 1
  • The bet to 3 numbers in line (three line) is paid to 17: 1
  • The bet on 4 numbers (corner) is paid at 8: 1
  • The bet on 2 lines (six lines) is paid at 5: 1
  • The bet to the right, center or left column (left, middle or right row) is paid 2: 1.
  • The bet on the first, second and third dozen numbers (1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12) is paid 2: 1
  • Bets at lower or higher numbers (1-18 or 18-36) are paid 1: 1
  • Bets on red or black numbers (red or black) are paid 1: 1
  • Bets odd or even odd are paid 1: 1

The game of French Roulette Low Limit has high quality graphics and is an easy game to use. Learn how to place bets and try other free roulette games on available in online mode without downloading or depositing.