Sharp Shooter (1x2 Gaming)
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Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter Online Dice Game

Sharp Shooter is a table dice game with three standard dice. You play against a dealer. Your goal is to beat the opponent in three attempts. The game by 1 x 2 Gaming allows you to win 1,600 credits in one throw.

Game Information
Type Craps
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 212
Game Rating

The interface of the Sharp Shooter slot machine

At first, let us take a look at the interface of the game. A board where the dice are thrown occupies the main part of the screen. There are chips from 0.01 to 100 credits at the bottom of the screen. To the left and to the right of them you can find information sections:

  • Stake — the bet size
  • Paid — the payout in the current round
  • Min and Max — a window with the minimum and maximum bets In the demo version, the bet ranges between 0.1 and 200 credits

Below you can find a grey area with different buttons:

  • The button with the loudspeaker turns on or off the sound
  • Demo shows that it is the demo version of the game
  • Fun (Balance) — the status of your in-game account
  • The button with the round dial opens the history of bets in the current session
  • The button with three lines — additional settings of the sound and graphics
  • The button with the question mark opens the game help

Gameplay of the Sharp Shooter slot

At first, you should choose one of the chips found at the bottom of the screen and then click the Ante field on the board. The chip appears in the box. You can click there several times: for example, you chose a chip of 1 credit, but you want to bet 4 credits. In this case, you need to click the Ante field four times.

Then, above the chips, an area with the Roll and Clear Chips buttons appears. The former activates the round and the latter removes chips from the board to make bets anew.

If you hit the Roll button, at first the dealer's blue dice roll on the board. They are moved to his box. The combination of his dice appears in the top right corner of the screen.

There are three attempts for a win

You have three throws of the dice to beat the dealer. Your combinations appear on the red dice in the right corner of the screen under the dealer's combination. The numbers on these dice have to coincide with the dealer's numbers.

For example, if the numbers 1, 5 and 5 landed on the blue dice, you should get these numbers on the red dice in three throws. If all three blue dice are "beat", you win. If not — the dealer gets the money you have bet.

During the throws, you can see a timer with the countdown to five near the Roll button. You can hit the button to throw the dice. You can also leave it to the game — when the timer reaches zero the throw takes place.

After the three attempts, the following appears in the area with the buttons:

  • Re-bet — to make the same bet again and activate the next round
  • Re-bet x 2 — to double the bet and activate the round
  • New Bet — to make another bet

Payouts of the Sharp Shooter slot

The size of the payout depends on the bet size and on the throw during which you beat all the dice of the dealer:

  • During the first throw, you win a payout at 8 to 1
  • On the second throw — 7 to 5
  • On the third — 1 to 2


Sharp Shooter is a board chuck-a-luck with pretty non-trivial gameplay. Payouts are awarded pretty often.