Taco Mania (Zitro)
Taco Mania Bingo Game
Taco Mania Bingo Game

Taco Mania Bingo Game by Zitro

The Taco Mania Bingo Game was developed by Zitro and has 2 different bonus patterns that have high payouts and launch a bonus round. There is also a large payout if you fill in all the numbers on one card and in some versions of the game there is a Jackpot. You can play this game with up to 4 bingo cards at a time that each have 15 numbers on them that are chosen at random. The bet per game card ranges from 0.25 to 40 credits and you can change the value of each credit from 0.25 to 2.

Game Information
Features Bonus Game
Developer Zitro
Games played 134
Game Rating
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How to Play Taco Mania Bingo

To set your bet amount you need to use the button next to the Won box to select the value of one credit. You can then choose the number of cards you wish to play with using the button to the left of it and in the bet box choose how much your total bet will be. Below the buttons you can see the bet amount and number of credits in your balance which changes as you adjust the settings described above.

To release the first 31 balls click on the play button, the numbers on the balls will automatically be crossed off of your game cards and any winnings will be displayed in the won box. In some games you will be given the option to pay for up to 10 additional balls to be released and the cost of them will be displayed in the circle in the centre of the screen. The patterns displayed at the top of the screen will award additional payouts if the crossed off numbers on your cards are the same. You can play the demo version of this bingo game for free to have fun whilst getting used to the settings and gameplay.