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Secret Bingo by Zitro

Secret Bingo Online Game by Zitro Review

The game Secret Bingo by Zitro has a screen designed in the style of a railway tunnel under a mountain with four cards that each have 15 numbers on them. There is an extraball mode that gives you the opportunity to draw extra balls with the Z Ball function that can appear randomly and allows you to manually select an uncrossed number an active cards to increase the amount of the prize. There is also a bonus round and if you get a certain combination you can win the Jackpot when playing for real money for marking off all the numbers on a card.

Game Information
Developer Zitro
Games played 59
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In order to win the Jackpot all the squares of a card must be crossed off within the draw of the first 30 balls, the amount of the jackpot is proportional to the sum of the bet chosen and is only available when playing for real money.

Extraball Mode Bonus

In certain situations the player can enter the Extraball game to obtain additional balls, during this round the Z ball function can be randomly displayed, which allows you to manually select a number on any card to create a winning combination and obtain a prize.

How to play Secret Bingo

Before you play the game you can select the number of cards that you want to use and choose the bet size. To do this click on the arrow in the bottom left of the screen to open the game settings and press the button in the form of a gear. The button that has two crossed arrows lets you change the combination of the numbers on the cards.

The bingo cards have 15 numbers that are spread over 3 lines, you need to create combinations by crossing off the numbers trying to match the templates displayed at the top of the screen. By pressing the button with the arrow on the right side of the screen, the balls with the numbers appear and the matching figures are automatically crossed off.

The bet can be adjusted using the + and - buttons and varies from 4 to 80 credits. The value of the bet determines the amount of the prize, after the balls have been drawn, the missing numbers will be highlighted making it easier to see those that you need. If you are able to cross off all the numbers on a card, you will have created a Bingo and will win the maximum prize.

Settings Menu

Use the button with an arrow in the bottom left of the game screen that opens a new screen where you can configure the settings of the game:

  • Change the numbers by clicking on the crossed arrows
  • See the history of the game by pressing the Info button

The button in the form of gear opens a window that allows you to change:

  • The amount of the bet between 4 and 80 credits
  • The value of the currency
  • The number of cards from 1 to 4
  • The speed of the balls - Fast, Turbo or Normal
  • The language, only English is available
  • The volume on and off

The button with the letter i shows the rules of the game and the characteristics of the bonuses. The play button that is located on the right side of the screen will draw the balls and if you click on the circular arrows you can activate the auto mode.

At the bottom of the game screen you will see the amount of the Jackpot (when playing for real money), the amount that you have won, the amount of your bet, the number of credits and your bank balance. To increase your balance with real money payouts, find out more about how to play for real money at online casinos.