Bingo Classic (1x2 Gaming)
Play online Bingo classic by 1x2 Gaming
Bingo Classic by 1x2 Gaming

Bingo Classic by 1x2 Gaming

Bingo Classic by 1x2 Gaming is a virtual version of the classic bingo game available to play free at NeonSlots. Your card contains 27 boxes, in 15 of which there are numbers. You get the maximum win in the slot, if a draw of 40 balls results in the card being filled.

Game Information
Developer 1x2 Gaming
Games played 169
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Game rules of Bingo Classic

Our website offers the demo version of the Bingo Classic slot by 1x2 Gaming. Credits are used as the game currency in this slot.

Before you start the game, you need to choose a card and set the bet. Click the New Card button to choose the card. Each time you click the button, the numbers on the card change. Choose the desired configuration.

Use the up and down buttons in the Stake section credits to set the bet in the range of 0.5 to 20. This value defines your win, if the card is totally filled. The Fun section displays the current number of in-game units in your account.

Game Window and Filling Card

The game window of the Bingo Classic slot is divided into three sections. The bottom left corner of the screen includes 27 boxes, in 15 of which there are numbers, that have been generated randomly.

Above the card, you will find a table of 90 boxes with numbers. The majority of the boxes are blue and those of them that are identical to the numbers on your card are white. If balls with the corresponding number land, the blue boxes become black, and the white ones become red.

In the right of the screen, you will find the pay table divided into 14 sections. Your win is displayed in credits and calculated automatically if you change the bet. The less balls that landed to completely fill the cards, the bigger the payout. The current number of landed balls are highlighted in the pay table.

Launching the Game

By clicking on the Play button you will draw the balls in the game window of the Bingo Classic slot. At the same time, the table is filled and the corresponding numbers in your card are crossed out with a red cross.

Click the Turbo button to accelerate the drawing of balls and click the Instant button to remove the animation. In this case, you will only see the cells being painted in the table and the numbers being crossed out on the card.

The picture of a loud speaker is used to switch the sound on and off. At the bottom of the screen there are three icons, that perform the following additional functions:

  1. The clock shows the history of bets in the current game
  2. Three horizontal bars open the menu options with the opportunity to select the level of graphics and sound effect settings
  3. The question mark opens the manufacturer's information about the gameplay in a new window

Payouts in the Bingo Classic slot

You need all boxes with numbers to be filled in the card before 90 balls land to get the payout in the Bingo Classic slot. The less balls that land before filling the card — the bigger the payout you get.

To make calculations easy and fast,  let's consider the bet to be 1 credit when listing the payouts below. The payouts in the table of the Bingo Classic slot are displayed in credits and presented in the following sequence:

  • Filling the card after 90 balls land - 0
  • Filling the card after 88 balls - 0,5
  • After 86 - 1,25
  • After 84 - 1,5
  • 82 - 1,75
  • 80 - 2
  • 75 - 2,5
  • 70 - 4
  • 65 - 5
  • 60 - 10
  • 55 - 50
  • 50 - 100
  • 45 – 1,000
  • 40 - 10,000 credits

Bingo Classic is a slot, which is a virtual version of the classic game. The graphics of the slot are moderate, but the gameplay is pretty simple. To be able to obtain real money wins in Bingo Classic learn more about real money games and discover how to play at legal online casinos.