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Beetle Bingo by Zitro

Beetle Bingo Game by Zitro Review

Beetle Bingo is an online bingo machine from Zitro Interactive, inspired by the English band The Beatles, that uses four playing cards that each have 15 numbers arranged in three rows. A bonus round is available with the choice of elements to obtain a prize of up to 10,000 credits and the Extraball mode to obtain extra balls. There is also a Z Ball that can appear randomly, and acts as a Wild Card allowing you to manually select the number of active cards.

Game Information
Developer Zitro
Games played 43
Game Rating

Bonus game

The bonus game in the Beetle Bingo game machine starts when the player manages to get the Bonus combination that is shown at the top of the screen along with the other winning sequences, a new window is opened with the images of four musicians from the Beatles group with its prizes in credits and 12 discs. The user must click on the discs and open them one by one revealing the image behind it until a match of 3 equal images and receive a prize of 2,000 to 10,000 credits.

How to play Beetle Bingo

To start the game in the Beetle Bingo slot you need to determine the number of active cards in the game and the amount of the bet. You can choose from 1 to 4 cards in the Game Settings section by pressing the button in the form of a gear.

The bingo cards have 15 numbers arranged in 3 lines with 5 numbers on each and 60 balls, to change the cards just click on the button that has two arrows going around in a circle. The Play button is on the right of the screen and will release the balls. If you want to activate the automatic mode then click on the button with the two arrows in a circle. The numbers from the balls will automatically be crossed off on your playing cards and there are different layouts at the top of the screen that show the different paying combinations. If all the numbers on a card have been crossed out you will have achieved a Bingo and will win the maximum prize of 30,000 credits.

You can also find an Extraball mode, where for the credit amount shown, you can draw additional balls to complete combinations. During this round you can also see the random Z-ball that will let you select a number on a card to create a combination with a bigger win amount.

Control Buttons

The game machine Beetle Bingo has a control panel characteristic of all the Zitro Interactive games, the button with an arrow in the lower left part of the game screen opens a menu screen where you can configure the parameters of the game.

The button in the form of gear opens a window that allows to select:

  • Game:
    • The amount of the bet between 4 and 80 credits
    • The value of the currency
    • The number of cards from 1 to 4
    • The lucky talisman that you would like displayed in the top left hand corner of the screen
    • Settings:
      • The speed of the balls with the button Ball Speed - Fast, Turbo or Normal
      • The loudspeaker icon turns the sound on or off
      • The help button opens the rules of the game and the characteristics of the bonuses
  • The speaker will turn the game sounds on or off
  • The arrows that cross each other changes the numbers on the cards
  • The i allows you to see the history of the game
  • The image of a house

At the bottom of the game screen from left to right you will see the Jackpot amount when playing for real money, the amount that you have won, the amount of your bet, the number of credits and your balance in the bank.